Man becomes irate after playing video game, kills 4-month-old child

Details of the murder were sketchy at first, but today, the Chicago Tribune reports that on July 15, Kiyarah's mother took a nap, leaving her daughter in Lucas' care. Lucas became irate after playing a video game and dropped Kiyarah on her head. Lucas then picked her up and shook her violently. Kiyarah was reportedly unresponsive, so Lucas placed chewing gum in her mouth to make it appear that she had choked. Kiyarah sustained severe brain injuries and multiple bone fractures. She died on July 18 in Rush University Medical Center. The child's injuries are consistent with being violently shaken, Bruce said.

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RyuCloudStrife3921d ago

man I feel horrible, than he put bubble gum in the babys mouth to make it look like baby choked, hes a discrace

Phantom_Lee3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

what the hell was that guy playing? I just dont understand stupid people..

oh great....Jack Thompson will have one more reason to open his mouth again......

Art of Motion3921d ago

But please.... i couldnt care less, as much as i sound like an ass for saying that its true. I'm sick of these types of story, Its boring and lame and i still dont know why it got approved. This guy should go to hell for that, but its still not our problem. Lets keep it that way.

ParaDise_LosT3921d ago

they should have his eyeballs plucked tounge cut ears shot
and mutilate his arms and legs, but let him live his misrable long
life suffring and waiting for a death that won't come for a long time

Kaneda3921d ago

you should stop playing video games too...

Nemesis3920d ago

Death is too good for this scumbag. He should be hung, drawn and quartered for this. Anyone know if Illinois still has the death penalty?

chasegamez3921d ago

don't blame video games for that
he was already crazy

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The story is too old to be commented.