Gran Turismo 5's Collector's Edition Climbs The Amazon Charts

PlayStrum writes: "With a firm release date set for PlayStation's most successful franchise, it looks as if "hardcore" fans of Gran Turismo will be wasting no time with the normal copy of the highly anticipated title."

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SupeerSteebbi2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Nice, I like the keychain, the car and of course the GOTY.

acedoh2908d ago

I have been waiting years for. Kind of goes along with the Playstation. When the first GT came out I showed it off to my friends at my job with the new analog controller. That game alone sold the Playstation. I think this new one will do the same for the PS3...

sikbeta2908d ago

Yeah, It's a Tradition, GT was for PlayStation, GT3 A-spec was for PS2 and Definitely GT5 will be for PS3...


I think I'll Totally get the GT5+PS3 Bundle, Can't Wait For This Beast...

acedoh2908d ago

but i am buying two copies... One to open and the other to save... This is the only game I can still play like crazy.

UltimateIdiot9112908d ago

I preordered within a few hours they posted that up. Don't forget the book.

This is the game I've been waiting for. 4 more months.

Nitrowolf22909d ago

going to buy this
The best racing sim deserves to be bought in the best edition.
can't wait to buy my new steering wheel

TheTeam062909d ago

Hmmm.... Amazon or Gamestop?

Can't wait! I'm gonna try to find my car in the game. hehe

2908d ago
CobraKai2908d ago

So only gamestop and amazon have collectors editions? Aw man. I wanted to rack up my best buy reward zone points.

Bumpmapping2909d ago

Crafted to perfection only possible on the PS3.

Narutone662909d ago

Collector's Edition, I might buy two sets.

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The story is too old to be commented.