Did Gamepro Just Expose Rob Foor As Sony Defense Force Owner?

Game Newser: "I was looking through the July 2010 issue of Gamepro particular part in the article “Psychology of a Fanboy” brings up a site that everyone, especially N4G, hates to bring up: the “Sony Defense Force”. It’s brought up on page 44 of the magazine (it’s a print exclusive to the magazine, by the way). It’s during the second paragraph in discussing the site in which it does something so casually that you’d think that everyone in the industry has knowledge of this, even though we know there’s going to be more to the story than this. It’s that after the first quoted line of the second paragraph of the section, Gamepro recognizes the speaker as being, “Rob Foor, who runs Sony Defense Force.”

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dizzleK3058d ago

who is rob foor? somebody important in the industry? if not who cares?

JD_Shadow3058d ago

Well, Gamepro decided to quote him, so he's important enough for them to approach him. If he's important enough for them to include what he said in the article, then he's important enough to bring up in this light, I think.

Personally, I wish he wasn't so "important".

120FPS3058d ago

The simple fact that there is a group called SDF makes me cringe more than a porn full of old people.

SDF = The most epic fail ever

Tricksy3058d ago Show
poopface13058d ago Show
yewles13058d ago

The SDF site was a parady, making fun of Sony fanboys, and yet too many people still took it seriously, not reading into the context of the site.

happyface3058d ago

why would anyone make fun of sony fanboys? they're the hardest working kids on the internet

telekineticmantis3058d ago

Yeah I can understand hardwork, but no one understand the xbot maniacs and their undying loyaty.

CellularAutomata3058d ago

I havent seen many xbots around. Have you?
Question: How many ps3 fanboys are there?

TotalPS3Fanboy3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

"I havent seen many xbots around. Have you?"

Yep. I have seen many xbots around.

"Question: How many ps3 fanboys are there?"

Well, there are 35 millions PS3 fanboys and 40 millions Xbox fanboys. There are more Xbox fanboys than PS3 fanboys.

Information Minister3058d ago

Your post history contradicts your statement.

Gen_X3058d ago

I laughed so hard at your comment i spilled coffee all over my keyboard!

CellularAutomata3057d ago

@ TotalPS3Fanboy
So, everyone that bought a PS3/Xbox/Wii is a fanboy?
Thats ridiculous.

TotalPS3Fanboy3057d ago

What's wrong with liking your console that you bought? There's really nothing wrong with that. There are people love their PS3. Others love their 360. Some love the Wii. Some love the PC. Heck, some love all platforms. That's what a fanboy is. Someone who love, not someone who hate.

That's the difference between a fanboy and a troll. A fanboy loves. A troll hates.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3058d ago

convinced themselves that kinectanimals is hardcore

CellularAutomata3058d ago

Just like the PS3 fans convinced themselves Eyepet was hardcore too.

Spenok3058d ago

Who the F ever thought Eyepet was Hardcore? It was OBVIOUSLY a casual game, aimed at girls and the younger audience.... If anyone thought it was meant to be a hardcore game i would have personally slapped them..

TotalPS3Fanboy3058d ago

"Just like the PS3 fans convinced themselves Eyepet was hardcore too."

Dude, you're the only one that's convinced, the only one that thought EyePet is hardcore. All Ps3 fans know that Eyepet is a casual game.

And looks like Microsoft tricked and convinced you once again, with an EyeToy clone.

secksi-killer3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

both sony and xbox turds are annoying. you are all pathetic little kids or no life losers that sit on the net defending a "games console" and attacking the hated other

the problem with n4g is.... that there is like 15 sony turds to 1 xbox turd.

its a shame because n4g is almost totally ruined by the hardcore of pathetic fanboys that dominate the site

bjornbear3058d ago

so pathetic. why do you people keep making new accounts to troll? GET A LAAAIF

and isnt SDF site a parody of sony fanboys?

and...why is this serious gaming news? =P

sikbeta3058d ago

lol CellularAutomata got exposed, He actually Believed Eyepet was Hardcore, I don't want to even think how "hardcore" is kinecticmals for him.... bwahahahaha....


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Gue13058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

this shows the pathetic attemp of X360 fans to take down the poor PS3 and now we discover that it wasn't just some random haters the ones behind all this. "But the conpiracy!" ironically was all true. @[email protected]

I don't know if you remember but some years ago the hate toward the PS3 was a force to be reckoned. It was so huge and strong, it was scary. I never seen so much hate toward a product in my life, these people were sick on the head and they are part of the media, some are still nameless but now we got a lead. But in this day and age? Nobody cares anymore. The PS3 is a beast. =)

Now that I think about it, the fanbase of the PS2 was huge so, the amount of hate toward the PS3 when it was announced as a $600 super computer with blu-ray, few games and much arrogance it was understandable(?).

funny old thread:

This is exactly why many people believe that "Sony Fans are the worst of all the fanboys".

Focker-4203058d ago

The Xbots run rampant on CVG. You try to reason with them but it won't matter. They are always right and you are always wrong. Always.

DaBadGuy3058d ago

The stuff you said there at the end about the PS3 being a 600 supercomputer w/ blu ray and few games is the right on the money. That's why everyone hated the PS3. I bought a PS3 at launch for 600 and for the longest time I felt cheated. Sure over time games started to come out like Uncharted and Metal Gear but man, there was nothing for the longest time. I'm not a PS3 fanboy and I'm not a 360 fanboy or I wouldn't have worked overtime to save money to get a PS3, I love both consoles, but while 360 had Gears and Halo and Mass Effect, PS3 had zilch. But not anymore, and I'm delighted at the turn around the PS3 has had this generation. Everyone and their mother had a PS2, perhaps, one day, that will happen with PS3. One thing though, if the PS3 was 600 at launch, I shudder to think about the PS4, could a console ever possibly cost a full grand?

Obama3058d ago

I bought my ps3 launch too and I feel it's worth every single penny spent. Sure there wasn't a whole lot in its first year, but that's to be expected. When 360 just came out, it doesn't have much either.

If you look at the present the ps3 just has so much more exclusives of different variety than the 360. The 360 has good games too but 99% are shooters and FPS.

bjornbear3058d ago

i didn't even know SDF site was still up =P

why am I even here! =( xD

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