Heavenly Sword PSN Demo Impressions

Don't blink or you might miss the demo.

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beast3762d ago

why people get pissed when someone compares this to GOD of War.

Hell i'll take that in a heart beat. Mrs Kratos

PS360PCROCKS3762d ago

Yeah as that is one of the best games ever made. and haha "Don't blink or you might miss the demo." that's funny. It was really damn short.

junk563762d ago

how is this like god of war? seriously i dont get it. why do people think its like god of war.

ive played the demo over 10 times now and the combat and counters are way above god of war's combat. its a lot more complicated and you have to be fluid in your attacks, you cant mash or else you die.

PS360PCROCKS3762d ago

Their talking about the weaponry. The swords attached to chains that you swing around. The combat is similar, Heavenly Sword is just way more advanced and intuitive and involves skill.

kornbeaner3762d ago

In all honesty I was a little bummed about the demo.

Almost a gig worth of space for a roughly 6 min demo. The game looks absolutely gorgeous but the gameplay that is presented is just to short.

When the second group of enemies is defeated and the door opens I was like "oh yeah come to D............" "WTF" "coming September" I damn near broke a controller.

Zhuk3762d ago

the demo was a massive disappointment for me and this game is shaping up to be yet another disappointment for PS3 I think, they did a good job on the graphics but the gameplay lacked depth behind the eye candy

hazeblaze3762d ago

Either you're crazy or you just don't like action games. The gameplay was definitely the deepest to be featured in an action game so far. She has a combo list & counter system that is usually reserved for fighting games like Tekken or VF and pulls it off so fluidly. The only dissapointment about this demo is that there wasn't more of it! And every preview of the demo pretty much agrees... so this is hardly shaping up to be a dissapointment for the PS3. Every site I've visited is looking forward to it even more now.

Zhuk3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Sorry but this game doesnt come close to VF5 in my books my problem isnt that the gameplay is fun it just lacks real depth I just dont think there's enough to stretch it out through a whole game keeping it fresh and entertaining, it feels it would get boring quickly

hazeblaze3762d ago

And that's exactly my point. Either you have not really played the game or you're disillusioned. If it's not clear to you how her moveset compares to games in the fighting genre, it's even more clear that you haven't actually played it. Especially when you throw in the arial combos and super moves for some extra sweetness.

There is not currently an action game with MORE depth to the gameplay than Heavenly Sword, period. There is no action game with such a complex move set or countering system. And if there isn't enough in there to keep you from being bored, then there isn't an action game that's been made that wouldn't bore you... period.

Azures3762d ago

Aren't like only half her moves availiable in the demo?

Zhuk3762d ago

I have played it but you seem to have a problem with accepting opinions that dont agree with yours. It is my opinion that from what I have played on the demo it isnt that great and that I need more substance from the gameplay, deal with it

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Mr_Kuwabara3762d ago

It might get repetive if you don't press any other buttons but X.

tethered3762d ago

Have you played it?
X won't get you anywhere.

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