Analysis of Xbox 360 Price Cut

With all the sales flyers and rumors floating around the interweb more or less confirming a Xbox 360 price cut, we wanted to step back and rationalize the reasons why it would make sense...

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power of Green 3792d ago

People needed this guy to explain common sense?. With all the sense the PS3 clearance makes its obvious Sony wanted to better match the Elite(despite what fanboys know PS3 needs a super model for public eyes). The clearance was a pre-knee-jerk reaction if you will" sensing MS would slap Sony around.

Two birds with one stone(clearance : will be looked at as an price cut / Elite model: superfically compares to the 360 even though PS3 can use after market parts and the 360 being able to use the PC for storage).

Rageanitus3792d ago

Is it even possible to hide from your fanboyism at least once.

Of course Sony wanted to match the MS... why its to help push their upcoming software sales which they announced in e3.... they want to show to the developers, share holders, and more importantly their future consumers that they are getting things done. Its all business in the end. Do you quite honestly believe that a sony fanboy Is looking for a "super model", imo I think the fanboys are already owners and alreayd believe it is a super model comapred to the competition. The ps3 just simply more of a longer term of machinery than a wii or xbox.

As for your comment about the superficial price cut IT is a price cut. the 80gb is a bundled package; meaning Im quite sure they are going to have an 80gb without the bundle.

Sony is playing a game of cards, they are showing part of their hand but not all their cards. They are just waiting for their main competitor show one of their cards "which most likely is this price cut"

M1am1U3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

what is there to rationalize? It's been at the same price for a long time. With the new Falcon hardware coming out, a price cut seems more than logical. I'm sure it would help drive console sales, especially coupled with AAA releases like Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, etc. Hopefully, they'll be smart and drop the price across all SKU's.

BubblesDAVERAGE3792d ago

They are gonna do a price drop some time after halo's drop to milk there best franchise..

Bloodmask3792d ago

As production costs go down so should the price. I think a $250 starting point could give the Wii some competition.

With the new Falcon model arriving everything will run a lot smoother for Micro.

mighty_douche3792d ago

price cut then is it to try and milk every last quick buck they can out of the xbox.... unfortunatly, weather its $3, or $300 im still not happy paying for faulty hardware... mixed up priorities i think!

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