The Best games of 2010 (So Far)

Since everyone loves year end lists Bitmob figured they would get a jump on the competition by compiling their best of the year in July. It's unorthodox, they know--but over the past six months there have been an astounding number of great games released.

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xino2814d ago

this site is such a joke, anyway it's an opinion piece so we shouldn't complain

Cerberus21252814d ago

Why are you getting mad,it sounds like a joke piece to me

knightdarkbox2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

My prediction.

Best First person shooter:HALO: REACH
Best Third person shooter:Ghost recon future soldier
Best RPG:Mass effect 2
Best xbox 360 game:HALO: REACH
Best new ip:Alan wake
Best graphics:HALO: REACH
Best story:alan wake
Goty 2010:HALO: REACH ( for sure)

HALO:REACH is gonna win, fuck GOD OF WAR 3, exact same thing as the last 3 halo games...

Now predict these best game of 2010.

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Boody-Bandit2814d ago

Best N4G comedian of the year: knightdarkbox

bjornbear2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago ) been rammed in the behind by a horse? because thats MAJOR butt hurt right there

you clearly need to reach out for some help man...;)


+ notice the article title: "so far"

no one gives a damn about your prediction. Im sure a vego "predicts" soy milk is "better" than dairy milk, but is it? no.

ps. if this IS a joke (impossible to tell here sometimes) well...fair enough. but my comment still stands =3

playstation_clan2814d ago

littlebigplanet 2 GOTY, quote me on it

and i can tell you right now halo is not going to win, or any 360 exclusive is taking the title (maybe mass effect) Halo reach should be lucky if it gets nominated

gypsygib2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

My god you a fanboy, and as a fanboy you brain is so clogged with semen from sucking (respective company) dick that your neurons can't fire a single signal through the zealotry to create an objective thought if your life depended on it, kinda like a terrorist. Really, own both systems before you mindlessly promote one like a moron...seriously look at your post. Halo is not even out yet. You are what is wrong with America today - not stupid, just so ignorant that a person is better off speaking to a couch than you.

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NewNameNow2814d ago

Who the hell keeps approving these damn GOTY lists half way through the damn year??

T9X692814d ago

These are not GOTY need to learn to read.

ukilnme2814d ago

LMAO. Read much? Embarrassing, you should edit your comment while you still can.

Boody-Bandit2814d ago

If we were to take an honest poll of the percentage of N4G members that actually read the articles they comment on what do you think that percentage would be?

My guess would be around 10 to 15%

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Bnet3432814d ago

They must be bored. What the hell is the point of this? Wait till' the year is over, fuck.

ukilnme2814d ago

It's a joke piece man.

AliTheBrit192814d ago

Been quite a lot of good games this year, but the best:

BioShock 2
God of War 3
Red Dead Redemption

Thats about it really.

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