Eye of Judgment Preview

IGN takes a close look at what's on the cards for Sony's creature-battling PS3 EyeToy offering.

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XxZxX3915d ago

i think this game is going to be huge among kids. Literally took Yugi-Oh idea into real life.

TaylorB3915d ago

Don't dismiss it to just being a child's fare. This game will likely have a broad international appeal with a likely dedicated fanbase. There's a lot of CCG fans out there beyond Yu-Gi-Oh. (Magic The Gathering in particular, which has been out forever).

This game is probably the last thing I would touch on my system, but I imagine for quite a few people, it's going to be pretty cool. I would hope for them to implement international online, seeing as how competitive some CCG players can be. This will definitely sell systems for some individuals, and I see it having a pretty steady fanbase at least in Japan if not in Europe and the US as well.

Omegasyde3915d ago

The eyetoy was unique last time around but most of the games, sucked and got boring fast. Let alone there was barely any games for it. If sony actually put acouple studios behind this product they could reach more to the casual market.

Hatchetforce3915d ago

This is a great use for a camera. It beats selling one for a console and then fumbling with the excuse that you can use it with your PC.

DiLeCtioN3915d ago

i think they should use yu-gi-oh cards...collect them and play against people is a cool idea