inFamous 2 electrifying gameplay video – Full Analysis

Gamersmint :InFAMOUS 2 gameplay video was leaked today and we suspect it’s the GTTV footage scheduled to be shown tomorrow which got leaked. Gamersmint does a full analysis of the trailer.

What an action packed trailer it was! The game shows off a newly designed Cole along with what we suspect an entirely new game engine. The visuals looked really good even in this low resolution video. This time Cole has a lot of new tricks up his sleeves to play with.

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knightdarkbox2965d ago ShowReplies(2)
OmarJA-N4G2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Says the guy who own a 360.

knightdarkbox it's OK to be jealous, here have a tissue.

Jeff2572965d ago

Seriously he should just stop trolling. Everyone here knows he doesnt have a PS3 and has never played a PS3 game. He is just too upset to admit the 360 isnt giving him games like this.

Anyway I cant wait for this game to come out and man it looks amazing. there is a huge imrpvement over the first one.

Rumor2965d ago

the seamless transition to cutscenes like u2, and wtf happened to this cole, im getting used to the the one in the vid, but this one guy just looks cooler

Dee_912965d ago

ea if he think this looks like the 1st one he obviously never played the 1st one

RageAgainstTheMShine2965d ago

The action is amazingly fast paced and fluid!

cjflora2964d ago

I bet he has a PS3 plays the hell out of it. Only thing is, he needs to hide it in the closet when all of his friends come over so he can keep his cred.

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inveni02965d ago

This looks significantly better than inFamous 1. Don't agree? Fire it up. The textures in this one are cleaner, the character models more detailed, and the action--holy crap. And, of course, less jaggies is good, good, good.

raztad2965d ago

Textures and lightning are actually inFAMOUS 1 strengths. Jaggies, animations and framerate drops were its weakness, It looks like everything is getting improved, and I think SP is serious when they say they are aiming for 60fps. It looks like the game is very fluid.

inveni02965d ago

I agree, they are definitely working some serious magic. That being said, I'd be happy with 30 fps, unless they can guarantee that trying to get 60 won't hamper draw distance. Climbing to the top of those towers and looking out over the city was one of the coolest things about inFamous. I'd hate to see nothing but a fog in #2, all thanks to 60fps.

MNicholas2965d ago

The first game had outstanding textures and lighting. Blew away any other sandbox games by a country mile.

The most significant weakness with the first game was objects visibly streaming in when moving too quickly. For example, when falling from a tall building, you'd actually see parked cars appear out of nowhere.

That's a memory issue so hopefully they've solved it.

Based on the video, it looks like they've kicked everything up a notch including general production values. All that dynamic lighting really adds to the atmosphere.

I am not a fan of the animations assigned to Cole but that's more of an art/design issue than a technical one.

I'd be blown away if they manage 60fps. Reality has a way of disrupting the best laid plans. Then again, PD found away to do the unthinkable (not just 60fps but 50% higher res and ridiculously high detail) it so why not Sucker Punch?

Christopher2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Really enjoyed seeing destructible environments. Particle effects are vastly improved as well. Game looks cleaner overall and they're improving on the various abilities.

Did have an issue with the sound of the bullets from the copter kind of cutting out there after the first missiles. Hopefully they get that fixed before release.

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randomwiz2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

im not sure if its MLAA or not, but it definitely looks like a HUGE improvement over the first inFamous

talltony2965d ago

60 fps in a open world game has not been seen this gen yet. It really looks like a open world uncharted 2.

CernaML2965d ago

You haven't played Burnout Paradise I'm guessing?

talltony2965d ago

And yes I platinumed that game. Their are no people at all and I dnt think it should be considered open world.

Neo Nugget2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Yes it is. It's a driving open world game.

And of course there are other people. Who do you think drives the other cars?

CernaML2964d ago

It shouldn't be considered open world because there are no rendered humans in the game? Okay, makes perfect sense.

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Snoogins2965d ago

I might get flagged for foul language, but I cannot say the word FUCK enough to express how mind-blowingly awesome that gameplay footage was. The animation, action and graphics are a HUGE leap above the first. I am so looking forward to this game. My only gripe about the original was how unvaried the side-missions were and that there was nothing to do once you beat the game. Simply amazing and I do not understand how anyone could be able to downplay what was shown. Well done, Sucker Punch!

evilmonkey5012965d ago

I love how this is a featured

nan02965d ago

The game is just ripping everything off of uncharted. Look it's Nathan Drake Jr. with super powers.

I can't believe they butchered the Infamous I loved. Bring back Cole.

M4I0N32965d ago

hate to admit it but your right

jeseth2964d ago

COLE looks so F'N [email protected] !!!

Cole used to look mean and aggresive. Now he has some metro haircut and "confused identity" tattoos.

He looks like a fem. I hope they put his balls back on before this game comes out.

the_1080p_guy2964d ago

I'm pretty much sure they are using MLAA.I think every 1st even 3rd party devs are going to use it from now on.Just wait for a couple of months and after that 'jaggies' wont be found in a ps3 gamer's dictionary.Lol...How cool is that?

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cyborg2965d ago

I noticed very less jaggies in the last scene when cole was facing the chopper it's likely that they are

washingmachine2965d ago

dang,a lack of jaggies,im getn this,the first one was to jaggie for me lol

sorceror1712965d ago

I only really noticed the jaggies in the fight with Alden, when it close-ups on him. That was the only place it actually bugged me. Oh, well, either way inF2 looks good!

crazydrummerlad12965d ago

check out when u finally get to the ray sphere. the thing holding it has major jaggies. but its no big deal. the first game had such beastly gameplay that it weighed out anythin bad that i noticed =)

swiftshot932965d ago

OMG! This game looked s amazing! Holy shit!