Create Foreign Accounts On Your PS3 - Download Content Outside Your Region shows users how to create foreign accounts on their PS3 allowing them to download content from other regions.

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Nostradavis3788d ago

Hey is looking for more writers if any of you are interested here is the link....

Stunt3788d ago

Ripten is a little late there buddy.

Nostradavis3788d ago

Hey I know its been around but that doesn't mean that everyone knows about it. It is still news to a lot of people guys...

Maddens Raiders3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I've been doing this for months. Mainichi Issho, FolkSoul, the full Making of Heavenly Sword trlr....Haze trailer UK edition....DMC trailers A,B,&C, etc..

Bazookajoe_833788d ago

Wich region has folsoul? i cant find it on uk, usa or hong kong =(

timmyp533788d ago

but im not playing it so i can not know what the hell is going on

Mishmash193788d ago

You can just make up an address too. I do not know why they have you looking up official addresses in this article. It is not like playstation will globally track you. I just made up a BS address for my european account. Just something to add in for those who do not have other regional accounts.

Nostradavis3788d ago

It probably just looks for certain fields and if it sees that it has those fields it approves it.

hazeblaze3788d ago

Yea, b/c when I first made my Jap account, it wouldn't accept something I had in for one of the fields... can't remember what. Of course it's been a while since I made it... I might have put something totally wrong in a field (like letters in a zip code field or something). But yea, there were plenty tutorials on the subject then to help me along.

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The story is too old to be commented.