David Cage wanted to make Heavy Rain DLC

Gameinformer: "When we found out that the announced Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC were indefinitely postponed, we were disappointed. We weren't the only ones; Quantic Dream's David Cage also wishes that his studio could have worked on the episodic content rather than add Move support to the original game."

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RememberThe3573092d ago

I want to buy it! Crazy how that works.

knightdarkbox3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

heavy rain is a "ok" game plain and simple. Would it be an awesome book yes. It has a great story, but the gameplay was lacking. It was a bad game for the gameplay it had. But had an epic story. In game terms it was a fail. In movie book, or tv show terms, it was a complete epic win. Once i played through it twice i returned it cause the gameplay was boring IMO.

RememberThe3573091d ago

People on this site (myslef included) seem to be getting more and more hostile to opposing views. So, it's too bad that you didn't like the way it played. I enjoyed it a lot and I'd love to see some DLC.

ABizzel13091d ago

They should, it would give my an incentive to go back and play it again.

Duke Spookem3092d ago

The story & characters in Heavy Rain sucked. I hope their next game is a lot better in both of those categories. I like the environment and everything else though.

jay23092d ago

If I was Cage, I'd be telling Sony where to go, what's the problem with patching it in, they just want more money, and insted of letting a writer make content, they want customers to re-buy the game to play with move?

I've heard it all now,

Scratch above, I'd say.
'If you don't let me do what I want to do, and you just want me to make my game have move support so you can re-release it, I have no problem going Multi-platform, or I'd even go MS exclusive.'

skrug3091d ago

i think the move support is a *free* patch?

correct me if im wrong.

jay23091d ago

We may be required to pay for the patch! I'm being serous, what a joke.

'Piaseckyj could not confirm if the patch would be a free update or a paid add-on'

Sheikh Yerbouti3091d ago

More money in using Heavy Rain to move more motion controllers. Plus new Heavy Rain should convert casuals to core gamers, something Nintendo has failed.

MexicanAppleThief3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Hmm..I'm not sure that'd be the best course of action. Even if the DLC might not be coming you have to remember that Heavy Rain is a game intented for casuals due to the nature of its QTE's.

Something like Move would be a good combination and therefore make the game even more accessible, which would make even more sales. More sales means more money for Quantic Dream. A hell of alot more than any DLC would do. I think this is a smarter choice to be honest, if more copies are sold that means if any future DLC does come, it would reach a larger install base.

kanetheking3091d ago

.the give him millions to make the game they could do what they want

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gamingisnotacrime3091d ago

PLEASE please please. por favor?!?!

I want more HR goodness

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The story is too old to be commented.