4.0 Naughty Bear Review "Naughty Bear has some nice elements; the stealth gameplay works well, and doing the different kill animations and driving bears insane is strangely satisfying at first. But overall it becomes apparent that little development went into actually making the game varied. There's very little to hold players attentions for long enough and it all becomes too similar all too quickly. The multiplayer seems like it could've been implemented much better too. Overall it's probably best just to avoid Naughty Bear."

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Kyll2793d ago

man, I knew this game was going to suck

Hardedge2793d ago

That's too bad, the creepy bear will be looking for you now ;D

JDouglasGU2793d ago

everytime i hear naughty bear i think naughty dog for some reason

Selyah2793d ago

Disappointed that there wasn't as much as any emphasis on parodies as the initial trailers seemed to aim for.

Coramoor_2793d ago

Very disappointing, this isn't even the most negative review I've seen about it

mephman2793d ago

Yea, some people really hated it.

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