Microsoft's Shane Kim talks Metal Gear 4 on 360, GTA IV's HDD demands

Interview with Shane Kim, VP of Microsoft Game Studios, about the possibilities of Metal Gear Solid 4 landing on the Xbox 360, plus Microsoft's plans (if any) for acquiring more game studios.

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nextgengaming183763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I mean come on. Will this rumour ever end? MGS4 coming to xbox 360?

MACHone3763d ago

It's hard to say. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance showed up on the Xbox, but Metal Gear Solid 3 never did. After what Kojima said at E3, if we do see MGS4 on the Xbox 360, that'd make him a liar. Either that or something was lost in translation. If anything, it'll be a PS3 timed-exclusive. I'd be VERY surprised to see a simultaneous launch.

Phantom_Lee3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

he kinda use the question to express that he has alot of confidence in their first party

gta_cb3763d ago

well i guess we will just have to wait and see, i did like the trailer that was shown at Sonys conference at E3, infact and dont attack me here, but i prob liked it a little bit more then KZ2 trailer, but then i never played KZ1 and have played MGS .... i guess the waiting game begins...

hazeblaze3763d ago

Well he didn't really add any strength to the rumor... this was more of an attempt by gamepro to get ppl to check out their article. All he said is that it makes sense for 3rd parties in general. Lol, too bad Kojima will never do it!

And I LOL'd when he stated their 1st party was better than the competitions'!!!

Hatchetforce3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

The fact that MGS2 showed up on the regular Xbox hardly qualifies as a reason for seeing MGS4 on the 360. First there are the words of Kojima concerning what it has taken to build this title. Not just the capacity of a dual layer Bluray disc either although that is a huge factor, but the PS3 hardware itself. Second, and just as important is that fact there was no deal for exclusivity on MGS2, whereas on MGS4 there is one.

This is nothing more than Shane Kim marketing desperation. The 360 dropped 60% in sales this year in this period versus last year. Everyone sees the titles that are starting to mount up for the PS3, they see Bluray, they see hardware that is designed for a longer term, they see software that can use Bluray and a HDD, and they see Bluray itself beginning to pull ahead in the format wars and has for the most part been acknowledged the winner.

All of these factors and a few more are the impetus for gamers, developers, and publishers beginning to look harder at the PS3. Not everyone wants to make Wii tennis. Many want that game that is going to break technological ground and the PS3 with it's ever improving development tools is the place to do just that.

Shane Kim should be ashamed for suggesting something that is a stone's throw from the lie department.

Omegasyde3763d ago

Every major gaming site does it to increase their hits/ratings.

They then can adjust advertisement based on the ratings. Meaning they can raise the price because:

They got 10000 per day, so that 10000 potential "customers" to see an Ad. More hits, more they can charge advertisers.

1up is even worse, they don't go a day without using some kind of stupid flame bait link to attract people to their sites.

Its pretty sad when sites depend on this. The "CONSOLE A VS CONSOLE B" Story is how they hook suckers to see a blog about basically nothing more than an opinion.

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razer3763d ago

This rumor needs to die.. I think all parties involved have basically denied it on every level. I think even if it was ported at a later date nobody would buy it.. All MGS ports that have come out later have flopped.

I also find this comment interesting..

"So it's really up to the first parties to create the content that's going to differentiate the platforms and that's where we think we have the competitive advantage."

What???? If he is talking Halo then fine, but MS your first party is sucking ass! You port all your titles to other platforms and you have shown nothing to rival the first party titles of Sony. You rely on third party exclusive deals (Epic, Bioware, etc) to make your first party games.. I can't remeber the last good Microsoft Game Studios title that didn't look like crap on the 360.

All I can say is SHOW ME! Show me MS your first party advantage. I'd love to see it.

Shane Kim is dillusional...

madmike3762d ago


CrazzyMan3762d ago

he is x360 fanboy =)))
and now he is just stating facts. =]
he is fanboy, but not blind. =)

Premonition3763d ago

These guys are so hard headed, first Pete moore gets straight to the point about MGS4 not coming to 360, now you have this guy hoping for any possible way for it to come to their system, they just keep forcing poor kojima to hand it over, when hes said many times no, and I think its up to him to decide if it goes over, not Microsoft regardless if they think its a business model for 3rd parties to go multiplatform. I mean whats going to happen when it never does come over, what will his excuse be now? Some people are so greedy these days.

xaphanze3763d ago

He's just giving dumb people hope for them to hold on to their 360.

iceice1233763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

We actually have hope, lets look at just this year (360 fans don't have to wait for their games). We've got

Halo 3
Lost odyssey
blue dragon

Those are just a few of the top of my head that are exclusives. Why in the hell would we need hope of MGS4 coming to the 360 to keep us holding on? It's your hope droid, deal with it.


Oh, I guess every Sony fan/Ps3 owner has DX10 capable video card and Vista, or a strong enough computer to handle those games? I think not. We're making a fuss over it? No not really, it's the sites reporting it saying rumors of it coming, then you droids come in and act all superior like you have the greatest console game coming. It's the websites and magazines hyping it up, getting excited, not the 360 populous.

gta_cb3763d ago

if he is still working exclusively with Sony then why want to make us hold on to our Xbox 360? ... yeh exactly your just talking sh!t mate!

and also as Icewake said, we have some great titles on the Xbox 360, so why not leave out the childish comments

ParaDise_LosT3763d ago

Losing MGS4 just means I save $60
though I'd love to play MGS4...
I don't see it not going to 360 as
a terrible massive cost...
We have a great lineup for the holidays...
and so does sony....

hazeblaze3763d ago

Well if xbots hadn't been making such a fuss about being able to get MGS4 in the first place then you all wouldn't be taking so much ownage on the subject now anyway.

As for the games, yes, each system is getting some pretty good games. But xbots are the only ones that make posts wishing they could play games from one of the other sytems (namely Sony's) ;-)

But then again, that may be due to the fact that Sony fans CAN play a lot of 360's games... on the pc.

ParaDise_LosT3763d ago

"But xbots are the only ones that make posts wishing they could play games from one of the other sytems (namely Sony's) ;-) "
Funny....I can name dozens of people who want Mass Effect and Halo
(and possibly Project Offset if it becomes an exclusive)
that own PS3....Quit being a troll and open your mind, ignorant fool :(

Charlie26883763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Sorry but in a way(not the fanboish but the factual one) I agree with hazeblaze ,I am a usual at the GS forums and most PS3 games are flooded with petitions to bring it to the 360...hell even first party titles that have 0 chances to coming to the 360 are flooded with people asking if if ts coming to the 360 and as a 360 user I check my 360 forums and want to deny it or not you hardly find any if non people asking for 360 games to come to the PS3.

I even made a blog about it pointing out with examples how for some reason 360 owners what PS3 game and PS3 owners dont want (or show they want) 360 games

at least this is how it is in my side of the GS river

you are welcomed to look if you like

@Icewake "360 fans don't have to wait for their games" so you and me are doing what with Halo 3, Bioshock, Blue Dragon, Masseffect, Eternal Sonata, Lost odyssey, PGR4, GTA4, UT3? I dont recall those games being out? unless you have some sort of time machine you are doing what the rest of the 360 owners are going W A I T I N G

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Satanas3763d ago

I would doubt that it's going to the 360 after E3 and Kojima/Sony's follow up comments on the situation. Especially Dille saying that there was an agreement on exclusivity. Kim is just wishful thinking.