Documentary "About A Game About Killing"

In the documentary "Playing Columbine: a true story of videogame controversy," the history of "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!" is traced back to its inception, through the 2006 shooting at Dawson College in which the game was singled out by the media as a "murder simulator" that "trained" the shooter, and finally the game's removal from the list of finalists at the Slamdance 2007 Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition - prompting half the entries and a sponsor to pull out of the festival in protest. Clearly the game has polarized audiences worldwide, giving way to ardent defenders as well as staunch critics.

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Crazyglues3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

I mean don't get me wrong I'm no shrink but it just kills me that, if we where making a list of all the things that are bad. And cause violence or makes kids want to commit tragic crimes, wouldn't easy access to guns be at the top of that list as a serious problem.

Seriously why is it so easy to get guns. And why do you blame video games before you blame that. Why is that not the priority before we blame the games, I just can't see why no one ever says, well why in the world does these kids with all these problems have easy access to guns. So you don't blame the guns? (is it just me who thinks that's crazy)

The guns didn't have anything to do with it? That's so crazy. That kid who was arrested a little while ago for shooting someone at a high school who was clearly crazy he didn't even play video games, but he had easy access to guns.

ghettocheeze3954d ago

Bin Laden plays Flight Simulator in his cave?

Al3954d ago

To be honest, this argument really won't have that much of an effect on how developers and publishers make games. And as games get more and more advanced... People will see the quality go up too. Who says videogames can't be art?

So I would just ignore these dumba$$ theory that "games = crazy physchopath", There will always be people waiting to blame videogames for something (for example, my mom).

CrizzleC243954d ago

Im guessing that most people who played doom were around the age of 17-20 right? People playing GTA in 2001 were probably even older around 19-30. These politicians dont live forever right? (except for Zombie Hilary Clinton) Right about now people who were playing doom at age 7 are almost done in college. The key demographic that played doom (17-20)are probably around 31 or 34.

When all the old ones are done we will take over and pass the blame on to the new scapegoat most likely ; Tom Green Jr. or Marylin Manson's Senior citizen patrol.

We shall soon write the laws of media as we see it fit and there's nothing that those politicians can do but cling on to what they have left. Blame....

P.S. Rest of world be patient...George only has a few months left..and he actually does not represent what the American people want

Crazyglues3953d ago

(except for Zombie Hilary Clinton) - CrizzleC24

I'm sorry I just had to laugh right there for a second.... LoL

sovietsoldier3952d ago

that game is so much funn!