Microsoft Says No To Xbox 360 Core Discontinuation Rumors

In the wake of credible rumors of a $50 price drop for the $400 Xbox 360 Premium package, there are some slightly sketchier rumblings about the $300 Core system. Namely, that it has been discontinued in the US.

An anonymous tipster wrote to Wired News this morning saying that he had photos from Best Buy's inventory system showing that the Core had been discontinued. Attempts to contact him failed, but Joystiq has what are apparently the pics in question.

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RyuCloudStrife3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Now all the dumbheads that where saying "This is Great News" and didn't know what they were talking about are feeling very sorry

PS360PCROCKS3949d ago

dumbheads? That's a first. Also Microsoft always comes out and squashes rumors only for them to be confirmed later. Take this with a grain of salt...

jmoneezie3949d ago

I think you misspelled "SONY"!

PS360PCROCKS3949d ago

ok? They both do it jackass.

razer3949d ago

How am I a dumbhead??? I stil think it would of been great news..

It's called an opinion dipsh*t.

But they can keep that crippled ass CORE for the cheapskates and modders and continue to fragment their fan base. Just like someone stated below about the episodic content for GTA.. No HDD you are out of luck sorry.. So people are going to be forced to buy an HDD if they want it. Or they will just skip it all together.. If there is one thing I can say MS has done a bad job with thats not including an HDD in every system.

gta_cb3949d ago

calm down everyone lol, all companies will say its not true until its either done, or it suite them, like price cuts which company would announce a price cut happening soon, just to find out that the sales stood still untill it happened.

eLiNeS3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

to keep the core around especially if we see a price drop come Aug. If the core system drops $50 as well then it is right in-line with the Wii being fine for casual gamers. Then you look at the long term hardcore gamers that put many hours on their system and if it craps out in a few years (not by RROD) then they could pick up a cheap core and slap there drive on it and not lose their downloads and game saves. Smart move M$ but add a HDMI port.

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ghettocheeze3949d ago

Just get rid of that cheap end model and stick with Premium and Elite SKUs. It 's not worth purchasing to begin with. NO hardrive, no component cable, no wireless controller. Who the hell has even bought one of these striped down bare to the bones model?

Al3949d ago

Ghetto Cheeze (such names!), but right now I would consider MS's decision to keep the CORE as more of a press advantage to average consumers. You know, so if push comes to shove, then MS can say look you can play Halo 3, Bioshock, and GT4 on the 360 for only $300. But I agree, the core is more of a hinderance since those who buy will have to eventually upgrade (at least they have the choice of waiting until they have enough money).

i Shank u3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

say what you said to the tons of people who bought PS2 two years ago and are still buying it in droves today. all you need is a memory card to play 360, which if MS is smart they'll include for free, and then this holiday shopping season you will see $249 core with memory card included on shelves next to $599 PS3 w/game. guess which one the average consumer will buy more?

and about wireless controllers, they are all i use right now(i have 2), but im getting a wired one soon because when you're online in the middle of a heated game and your batteries die, no one ever talks about that! arrrgggggh i hate that!

aiphanes3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

you are still missing HDMI, only 12 gigs free on the 20 GB drive and no HD-DVD and no wifi...but $349 is a good price...if sony can come out with a $399 40 gig PS3 with wifi...then its all over...

Rmember with the core you gots to get the wireless controllers and a harddrive and wifi if you have no way to plug a ethernet cable up to your xbox 360...most people don't..

so you gots to spend at least another $150 to $200 to get the core system usable.

How are you going to download any demos or HD movies to your xbox 360 without a harddrive?

That why the core is a waste of money...most people get the preumium or elite....even the premium is a waste compared to the elite....120Gb and HDMI are worth the extra $80.

Al3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

the Sony gaming division would really be taking heavy losses regardless of how many consumers purchased the system. It costs too much to manafacture... So dropping it to $400 bucks would be very unlikely. but who knows?

Yo, saying the PREMIUM is a waste of money is a matter of opinion. I mean, I'M not going to be using that much HD and HDMI really doesn't matter to me. Leave the Premium out of this, man. It's worth the money, if you wanna play games and have fun. The Elite is for tech geeks who really want to nickpick about the graphics and buy up all the demos and arcade games at Marketplace.

Bill Gates3949d ago

The reason why M$ is not Discontinuing the core is because the "Core" is only worth $50.

M$ is not going to come out and say that they're discontinuing it. They'll just sell one "core" per year for the entire life span of the 360. Which should be over by late 2008.HAHAHHA

gta_cb3949d ago

if you ever own a PS3 i could imagen you cuddling it while you go to sleep at night.

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