Sony facing another PS3 suit

Sony has already been slapped with patent suits over the construction of its PlayStation 3 Blu-ray discs and the system's digital security technology. Now the electronics giant is being taken to court over the parallel processing Cell chip that powers its latest console.

In its suit, Parallel Processing Corporation of Newport Beach, California, cites a patent for "synchronized parallel processing with shared memory" that was approved on October 8, 1991.

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Husso3948d ago

Is suing someone the official way to get rich in the 21 century ?

Ju3948d ago

That statement needs some extension, IMO. It should say "...suing in the US...". Does anyone recall this is happening anywhere else ?

This whole "I sue you! You stole my idea" - but why didn't you say so in the first place ? We announced our product 5 years ago - ah, yes, but I couldn't blackmail you back then is really becoming ridiculous here.

nobizlikesnowbiz3948d ago

there are more than twice as many lawyers in the us than any other country

Omegasyde3948d ago

Patents only last 7 years(1991?) and they showed no proof to go after a renewal of their patent, let alone that technology doesn't even match what the cell has in design.

suing nowadays is just a lottery ticket for the 21st Century.

I hope Sony Puts this company out of business and counter sues for such stupidity. Time to swat some flies.

ironwolf3948d ago

20 years from the date of patent application. 35 U.S.C. A7154(a)(2).

eLiNeS3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

could stop using the PS3 like they stopped using force feedback and stick with the PS2 since its still doing better than any console out there.

I live in the next town over from Newport Beach, you want me to stop by and tell them anything for you? LOL

devi8i3947d ago

I am pretty sure it is.

Considering that the Cell is a joint venture between Sony, IBM and I think Toshiba and the chip itself is produced by IBM then shouldn't IBM at least be named as a co-defendant?

Also, AMD and Intel have been producing "parallel processing with shared memory" processors for some time before the PS3 was even released. Are they also not in violation? I smell a rat

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XxZxX3948d ago

wow somebody is gonna come in and smash my ps3
hahahaa like this will work

gunnerforlife3948d ago

yeah i think thats the only way for some companies to make money seeing as people dont bye there products

monoknacker3948d ago

yes theonly way to get rich is to sue people. and this law suit sounds very vague like someone patented a really vague concept and anyway i was under the impression ibm set-up the patents for cell.

gunnar29063948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

it is time to patent "Standby" mode and sue all home appliance's manufacturers =)
Bill Gates will cry

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The story is too old to be commented.

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