id Software interview: "We're going to have a number of interesting announcements at QuakeCon"

This year's epic QuakeCon event is imminent, but for your reading pleasure in the days leading up to id Software's annual bash Shacknews has an extensive interview with id Software's Kevin Cloud and Steve Nix. Cloud and Nix shared their thoughts on the current tech licensing scene, multiplatform development, Quake Wars on consoles and its formidable AI, id's attitude towards its as yet unannounced new game, John Carmack's interest in mobile and DS development, and much more.

Shacknews: On the topic of id's own internal games, we've heard at various times that you might be looking to do something a little off the beaten path compared to your past work. Any comment on that?

Steve Nix: [...] You shouldn't expect an RTS or a fighting game or something. [laughs] People are going to like what they see, but it's not going to be shocking.
Kevin Cloud: Yes, we are doing something different, but it's still going to be fast action. We're still going to be first-person shooters and in-your-face immersive action, but yes it's not, you know, Doom 3.

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