Lesnar versus Carwin: Who Will Win?

We've got a pair of videos from UFC Undisputed 2010 with prediction as to who will win tomorrow night's super heavyweight bout.

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adamx3090d ago

who cares Lesnar is a fucking joke in the mma world. a 4-1 record, they gave him a title shot when he didnt deserve it agaisnt a old washed up fighter who was 50 lbs lighter. Heres to Carwin ktfo that can.
He has a penis on his chest...

Quagmire3089d ago

really? mines further down.

MadMan003089d ago

Carwin is gonna KO Lesnar first round maybe 2nd.

xTrueLegendx3089d ago

lesner all the way 1st round KO

finbars753089d ago

I agree I think that Lesnar is going to surprise everyone with a knockout or submission.Look out Crawin the Big Penis is on a mission.

Campy da Camper3089d ago

Personal feelings aside, this is going to be one seriously awesome heavy weight fight! Both had to have custom gloves made for their lunchbox size hands!

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