StartGame Review: Cursed Mountain

StartGame: A criminally overlooked gem of a game on the Wii. You, Eric Simmons, start off at the bottom of a snowcapped mountain in the Himalayas, and you have come here in search of your missing brother, Frank Simmons. He ascended the mountain and has not been seen or heard from since. You set off from your base of Lhando (a deserted city) at the base of Chomolonzo, a sacred mountain which the sherpas refuse to climb. You’ve vowed to bring back your brother dead or alive….

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DethRob643059d ago

Yes You Are Right This Is An Over Looked Game Just One Of Many

rumplstilts3059d ago

This game is only 20 dollars now and a store nearby is closing and all new games are 20 percent off so I think I will pick this up.