First Transformers: War For Cybertron DLC Contains All Three Preorder Characters

Kotaku: Folks who spent up to $100 for War for Cybertron preorder codes on eBay are going to kick themselves, as a listing on the Xbox website for the game's first map pack indicates that all three preorder characters are included.

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Nitrowolf22964d ago

i feel bad for people who spent money on that.

Snoogins2964d ago

I doubt anyone who wastes 100 bucks on DLC would care, seeing that anyone who would spend that much money would have to either be rich or the unlikely event of being a rabid Transformers fan. It's hilarious and sad at the same time.

CobraKai2964d ago

poor suckers. Who would pay hundreds of dollars for what was a free character to use in Multiplayer. Not even a single player character/level.

Graey2964d ago

This is why I hate Down loadable content.

Don't get me wrong it just seems like they have taken the concept of DLC and kind of put it on its ears. You know releasing it like what 2wks after the launch of the game...seriously?

Then charging crazy amounts for it, and oh not to mention including the stuff that people payed to have kind of like exclusive? Though I'm not sure if people payed extra for those 3 distinct characters or just bought from a specific vendor. Still its its greedy stage I dislike DLC.

EXID2964d ago

it's activision, are you really surprised? they would sell control schemes if they could.

jaredhart2964d ago

The people who bought the codes thru eBay are stupid. Preordering thru Amazon is always a good idea. They also give you money back.

Unicron2964d ago

Now THIS is how you do exclusive preorders. Make it available to everyone later on =)

UltimateIdiot9112964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I honestly that they didn't have preorder exclusive DLC to begin with unless it's free for everyone later on.

TheHomerPimpson2964d ago

Gotta agree with this. I'm really against the whole idea of pre-order incentives in general (when it's in-game content), but it seems that the idea has picked up a lot of steam and I doubt we'll ever see the end of it now. But yeah, at least make it available via DLC (preferably free) later on after launch.

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