The most overlooked games of 2010 so far

PSUNI writes "The most overlooked games of 2010 so far In seemingly the blink of an eye, June is just about wrapping up January - Bayonetta February - BioShock 2 March - Yakuza 3 April - May - 3D Dot Game Heroes June - Singularity In seemingly the blink of an eye, June is just about wrapping up. Even though we're only halfway through the year, we've already seen a ton of high-profile releases across all..."

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ian722912d ago

I overlooked those games also. I didn't overlook these though:-
BFBC2, Heavy Rain, MAG, GOW3, Just Cause2, GTA Episodes, RDR, Alpha Protocol, Split Second and Blur.
The ones listed in the article are not for me, some will like them as we all like different games.

Lionhead2911d ago

Out of that list I missed Yakuza 3 and Super Street Fighter IV

I really need to get Yakuza...

OwNizzleD2911d ago

I missed all of them but Yakuza 3 and I really didn't like the game. I want to play 3d dot game heroes the most out of those.

deadreckoning6662911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Bad Company 2 is BAD-ASS. I wanted to get Yakuza 3, but I picked up Uncharted 2 a couple days ago instead. I've been playing it non-stop and I'm happy with my decision.

HolyOrangeCows2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Bayonetta is easily this year's most overRATED game.
The combat wasn't all that it was made out to be.

gynecologistcobra2911d ago

So, why did you just list a bunch of games you didn't overlook? I'm not seeing the point.

RefuelTheFire2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

I did not overlook Bioshock 2 and 3D Dot Heroes. Got both those games day one and both were worth it.

I really should get Yakuza.

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Bioshock 2 would have been amazing if they just focused solely on the single player instead of hyping up the multiplayer.

Another example of a great game ruined with an unnecessary multiplayer mode.

Damn you kids!

Kamikaze1352911d ago

Though honestly, Bioshock didn't need a sequel to begin with. If they insisted on making a sequel, it should have been a proper sequel and improved on every aspect of the first one, rather than try to retain everything it had going for it and not improving or adding things as they should have.

NecrumSlavery2911d ago

The MP had it's own story and devs so it wasn't too "in-the-way". Everytime I tried to play online, no one was there. Which is crappy cause about 20 or more of it's trophies/achievements are online. That's lame as hell. I think the shock value was not as strong in Bioshock 2, but either way it is a great game. The engine is getting a little old though. I didn't think it was as good looking as the first one, which is weird, cause you'd think the sequel would match at a minimum. I'd give Bioshock 2 an 8.5

Kalowest2911d ago

I have SSF4, just need to get 3Dot Game Heros,and Bayonetta(360).

despair2911d ago

yea i definitely need to get 3d dot game heroes but played bayonetta for about half the game and while combat is mostly good, other than the camera losing sight of her quite often, the game sucked badly.

It had the worst music and story i ever witnessed. the cheesiness was way way over the top and i actually found myself getting a headache playing the game...If you can stomach the worst pop music imaginable and the most annoying characters and voice overs, then this game might be for you.

NecrumSlavery2911d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes is really good. There is a lot in the game. I thought it was going to be a nostalgic tribute to zelda, but it's a lot more. And although you can run through the story in a short time. There are so many damn hidden jokes, game references, and side quests to keep you busy for at least 25-30 hours.

NecrumSlavery2911d ago

just came out though. I am excited to play it

MeatAbstract2911d ago

I really want to pick up 3D Dot Game Heros but I have too many games to get through. Yakuza 3 is one of them which is still sat on my stack of games waiting to be played. Tis a shame :(

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