Halo 3 Legendary Edition spotted in the wild

Having been spotted in multiple places, including both at a local Walmart store and even in a Bungie workers' office.

The rare, collectible helmet replica has already been sold on eBay. It, and the rest of the Legendary Edition, is expected to be a hot collectible item for years. Hit the link to view some larger pictures!

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Robotz Rule3917d ago

Looks dayum tight!

But I'm not willing to blow 130$ on the Halo 3 legendary edition just for that helmet,I would def. buy it if it was lifesize!(headsize that is)

Anyways,I'm sticking to the collectors edition of Halo 3:P

Crazyglues3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I mean 130 on a helmet that doesn't do anything is just a huge waste of money if you ask me, I rather get the Xbox 360 racing wheel, at least I will use that every now and then...

Man if it had been life like and came in different sizes with the headset built into the helmet then yes, hell yeah I would have bought it.

but for it to just sit on my desk collecting dusk, nah sorry, that's a no, hell no. ..LoL

Schmitty073917d ago

I'll settle for the Limited Edition.

Bill Gates3917d ago

I think I'll just wait for the "SUPER DUPER Legendary Edition" That one come with the whole "Master Cheap" suit. Oh and it also includes the "SUPER DUPER Legendary Edition Falcon Elite System". That comes with 3.5 year warranty.

I trust you M$..HAHAHHAHAHA

gta_cb3917d ago

you are a complete IDIOT! they are using a mayjor franchise to make more money even your all wounderfull Sony company does this! but i spose you leaving comments like that make you feel better... cant see how as you make yourself look like a complete idiot but hey your probadly a "special person"

get a worth while life

AngryTypingGuy3917d ago

Why don't you quit typing idiotic things and go play your overly-hyped, redundant games like Lair.

gta_cb3917d ago

he prob doesnt even own a PS3, i think hes one of those want to own but cant afford guys. so he tries to replace it by talking sh!t on

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The story is too old to be commented.