Ancients of Ooga - ZTGD Review

Cat writes, "Ancients of Ooga is spawned by NinjaBee, better known for their Keflings, and has some of the same quirky charm and fascination with god-like power. As the great spirit you possess different Oogani to direct their actions thereby solving puzzles, completing tasks and even the occasional sacrifice - of the same Oogani you possess."

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Rowland2935d ago

why devs are still churning out these two-a-penny kiddie-widdie seen it, done it games & releasing on a main console is beyond comprehension. Release should be confined to the PS, DS or Wii only.

CountDracula2935d ago

I wonder if they make much money with these games...hmmm

Spenok2935d ago

Thats a pretty good question, given the console its released on.

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