Shinobi Ninja's 'Video Game EP' Has Best CD Packaging Ever

Ex: Brooklyn-based "Party Band" Shinobi Ninja is a guilty pleasure. To back up this confession you need to know that musically, they exist somewhere between 311 and Andrew W.K (so basically: Reggae + Metal + Hip Hop + Party). And visually? Well, they remind us of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

The band even has their own surprisingly fun iPhone game that rewards you with free music.

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StixRemix2793d ago

Reminds me of that one rapper who did the NES styled video.

killyourfm2793d ago

Wha? Do you know who that was? Shoot us a link.

Queasy2793d ago

Creative packaging like this is always cool.

Danrax2793d ago

now THAT is some serious packaging!!

shadowdancer2793d ago

Omg thAt's pure genius! Their music isn't half bad either.

CountDracula2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Does it play on my NES?

If not then that's false advertisement!