UFC/WWE Teams Will Collaborate More In The Future

UFC Undisputed was a huge success when it hit for the first time last year, and it actually offered gameplay that was considerably different to Yukes' other title, WWE Smackdown vs Raw.

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Selyah2968d ago

Sounds like that could be potentially interesting.

dangert122968d ago

I'm no longer a fan of wrestling or there games since here comes the pain was the last good game,but if they could give us the same amounth of control as you get in ufc instead of tones of pre-animated clips would get me back to buying the games or giving it a try atleast

Kyll2968d ago

Haha, they should take the Capcom approach, UFC Vs. Smackdown vs. Raw xD.

Hardedge2968d ago

man the last time I played a wrestling game was Smackdown 2 on the original PlayStation

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