Killzone 2 Author and writer talks PS2/PS3 Diff., Game Story, Characters and more - Develop 07

Author and writer James Swallow explains his contribution to Killzone 2. He talks about the characters, voice acting, where the game starts after the first killzone for the PS2. He also talks about the rendering difference in PS2 and PS3.

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TriggerHappy3948d ago

Is amazing what they doing with this. Curious to see how well of all this is implemented. Voice is not too bad.

larry0073948d ago

after the e3,2007 KZ2 revelation all pre orders for HALO 3 were cancelled in EU and JAPAN.

surely x360 is now dead

Contra263948d ago

where are your sources?

Vojkan3948d ago

I cant see that video for some reason

TriggerHappy3948d ago

If you are using firefox , try using internet explorer to view the video

TaylorB3948d ago

Is anyone else not getting the sound from the video when using IE? It won't even let me load in Firefox.

TriggerHappy3948d ago

it works fine in both ie and firefox for me. Maybe you need to update your computer plugins.

TaylorB3948d ago

It doesn't support WMP 11. So I AM fully updated, but I am TOO fully updated. is garbage, is this video rehosted somewhere else?

Dragonopolis3948d ago

for me. I am using IE7. This site is not very web compatible and it definitely doesn't work 100% with Explorer users either. Developing a website that is only one browser specific is soooooo yesterday.

QuackPot3947d ago

Dammit. And I run a Suse Linux SLED PC with firefox. Can't be bothered finding a workaround.

Whatever the guy has to say, they need to now work on eliminating repetitive gameplay. Just had another run through with Killzone 1. It truly was a Okay game at best and can be improved in soooooo many ways. Don't disappoint GG.

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