UFC 2010 Takes Huge Tumble in Sales

A detailed look at the drastic drop in sales for UFC 2010 Undisputed and what factors could be behind it.

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MariaHelFutura3085d ago

Serves them right. Now if people will just do the same with Madden.

DongHungLong3085d ago

They lost a sale to me because of the online code. I was going to buy it day 1 and I wouldn't have sold it. Either way I will not support such practices. If my friend wants to borrow the game for a week he shouldn't have to pay to play it online.

gamerz3085d ago

Oooh.. good to know. It's worth $10 less from day one.

NYC_Gamer3085d ago

people realise the game is the same trash from last year

RememberThe3573085d ago

If I remember correctly there was nothing as big as RDR last year when UFC 2009 came out.

DMason3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

No, its because they released a piece of unfinished crap upon us. The online is unplayable, the submission system impossible, and the moves are virtually identical as last years.

Hopefully they learn from their mistakes. After EA MMA comes out, theyll have a little competition.

zeddy3085d ago

ye its the same game with a few additions plus piracy on the 360s side dont help either.

Drazz3085d ago

Lets see, they added a sway move and more punches and kicks, the end. I sold my copy after a week or 2.

GuruStarr783085d ago

Pretty much identical to last years game (which can be purchased on the cheap now, you might as well get that one if you want UFC). I think EA MMA is going to be light years better, with fight night-like controls.....can't wait.

adamx3085d ago

guy who disagreed sucks dana whites balls

nnotdead3085d ago

or maybe what they have shown of EAs MMA hasn't been that good. i have no idea how well the game will turn out, but everything they have has lefty me unimpressed.

nnotdead3085d ago

they added a lot more than that to the fighting mechanics. from what you listed to the cage play, better standing grappling, improved(slightly) ground game, and a lot more moves in total.

the problem i had was with the rest of the game. everything else was the same or worse from 09. i still have been able to only get 1 online rank fight, and the whole fight was laggy as hell. THQ should really go EAs route and release a new one every other year, or when they actually can make big improvements from one game to the next.

krisq3085d ago

from 2009 but online is a f***** joke.

gamerz3085d ago

Gameplay needs to improve. There's still way too many delays when you're getting hit or dishing it out. Feels like it's just playing mini-animations for each button press. 2009 was a great first try but they needed to really build on that but didn't.

And personally, I will never buy it again as long as you have to mash the buttons or spin the stick like a madman for submissions. Had my share of that as a teen but now I'm done with that crap.

CountDracula3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Brock Lesnar sucks anyways.

*Remembers Wrestlemania 20* (Not that I watch it anymore :)

greatjimbo783085d ago

That was the worst wrestling match I've ever witnessed. Both of them should have been taken out the back and shot after that display.

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