Conan the Barbarian Comic-Con 07 Developer Walkthrough

Conan the Barbarian developer gives a walkthrough for the PS3 version of this game at Comic-Con. The limbs and heads go flying as this brutal barbarian gets bloodied from his fallen enemies. HD video also available following the link.

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Premonition3916d ago

God of war rip off moves? Game looks ok but reminds me of God of war, and the guy he saves from the cages look like Kratos lol.

Silvanos3916d ago

Things are looking good for hack and slash fans.

ALIEN3916d ago

But i think it's not going to be better than GOW, n HS is way better than this game. but i like it though.

jay23916d ago

Not too convinced on this yet.

kewlkat0073916d ago

just different hack n slashing moves. Looks good though. He is not as buff as Arnold from the

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