E4G: Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

E4G: It might sound either strange or incredibly familiar to you that in 80s and 90s giant robots and rock music were a win win situation. You can be a hater and say that Transformers were made just to promote Hasbro’s new line of action figures but they were awesome so who really cares?

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dkblackhawk502915d ago

Great review, this is quite the game :D

matrix2242915d ago

But whose side are you on hmm?

dkblackhawk502915d ago

Have to go with decipticons, they kick a** :D

matrix2242915d ago

Excellent review! I really enjoy this game.

PrimordialSoupBase2915d ago

No it really isn't. Stop trying to compliment your own lame little website - it's pathetic.

dkblackhawk502915d ago

Lol...ouch, first off, those are not my writers. They are just people who go to the site everyday, stop living in a perfect world :P

mmoracerules2915d ago

This game is so addicting i like it

BeaArthur2915d ago

The multiplayer is incredibly addiction. Hopefully they will have new maps and skins in the next few months.

Unicron2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Rumor has it the DLC pack includes the 3 preorder guys, 2 new guys, 2 MP maps and 2 Escalation maps.

Fingers crossed.

Personally, I'd love an SP bonus mission, with a boss battle against, well, me.

X-Alchemist2915d ago

I'm stuck playing the demo atm