Blowing $#!+ Up for America!

Explosions, explosions, explosions! GameZone celebrates 4th of July with explosive games. Satisfy your appetite for destruction with our 4 explosive recommendations. Happy 4th of July!

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Caspel3001d ago

Split/Second is the fantastic game when it comes to explosions. But no Burnout?

doubled2153001d ago

Duke Nukem XBLA is sweet!

pbkup3001d ago

Transformers all the way!

Krugsy3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

The title of this article reminds me of that radio advert on GTA: Vice City, for Exploder: Evacuator Part 2.


"Tim, they got your family!"
"But i'm not married"
"You are America!"


"He would have been a fine American, ill cry when i'm done killing."


"Tim we need you."
"I'm a man of peace, i'm done killing, I wanna raise a family"
"Thats just it Tim, they got your family"

dgroundwater3001d ago

Rated PG, may contain patriotic garbage.

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The story is too old to be commented.