Blowing $#!+ Up for America!

Explosions, explosions, explosions! GameZone celebrates 4th of July with explosive games. Satisfy your appetite for destruction with our 4 explosive recommendations. Happy 4th of July!

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Caspel2130d ago

Split/Second is the fantastic game when it comes to explosions. But no Burnout?

pbkup2130d ago

Transformers all the way!

Krugsy2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

The title of this article reminds me of that radio advert on GTA: Vice City, for Exploder: Evacuator Part 2.


"Tim, they got your family!"
"But i'm not married"
"You are America!"


"He would have been a fine American, ill cry when i'm done killing."


"Tim we need you."
"I'm a man of peace, i'm done killing, I wanna raise a family"
"Thats just it Tim, they got your family"

dgroundwater2130d ago

Rated PG, may contain patriotic garbage.

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