Games to Make Your Head Explode

With 4th of July Weekend just around the corner, GameZone takes a look at games that give you the joys of fancy explosions, and explosive gameplay. Take a look at our 4th of July recommendations.

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MariaHelFutura2935d ago

I don`t want my head to explode, it might change things a little for me.

MisterNiwa2935d ago

I'd rather skip these titles, I believe I need my head to stay alive.

Caspel2935d ago

No Gears of War or Killzone? Fail.

Fanb0y2935d ago

Aw, come on. Gears of War has terrible explosions.

Azule612935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

agreed, those should of been on there

pbkup2935d ago

I don't my head to explode just my mind

2935d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.