Avatar: Burning Earth: Comic-Con 07 Zuko's Rage Cam Gameplay

Aang and his friends make their way through a bustling metropolis and are visited by a familiar foe. HD video available following the link.

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Mr_Kuwabara3769d ago

I expect a fission mailed on this one....

BIadestarX3769d ago

AVATAR! For the XBOX 360!
Yes, I know I am a grown man with lots of hair you know where... but I like cartoons... I guess you can't make fun of me... hah! cause you all play Video Games!

Games like this... are the reason why I have 2 xbox 360 just in case one of them breaks.. sucks to have RROD (non in my experience)... but the console to own is the console with the games that has the games you want to play.