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"During the Cold War in the 1950s Joseph Stalin started experimenting on the island known as Katorga-12 in hopes of matching the United States’ knowledge of atomic energy. While on the island scientists found an unknown element that they called Element 99. The element proved to be powerful, but not without being extremely unstable. Studies continued on the new element until 1955 when the island was destroyed in a mysterious explosion. The Russian government immediately covered up the existence of Element 99 (also known as E99) and the island. The year is now 2010. A surge of energy has emanated from the long forgotten island Katorga-12 and has taken out an American spy satellite. Naturally, the US decides to send a team to investigate the origin of the blast. Players are now placed in the boots of Nate Renko. Upon arrival a second blast knocks their helicopter out of the sky. From here the story begins to unravel." - JPS

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ShadyDevil3064d ago

Really looking forward to playing this for myself

MightyMark4273064d ago

One of the games from Raven that I actually played all the way and loved!