The Official Xbox Magazine has a scary new idea: for-pay demos offered on Xbox Live


"I get a number of gaming magazines from free subscription deals, but mostly they stay in the bathroom for a day or so before being pitched. Most of the stories and reviews and news in them I've read weeks ago, and the few features that are worth reading are scanned the second they hit someone's hand, with bullets points sent to every gaming blog on the planet. Sure, EGM may land some nice exclusives, but since the big reveals can be found online for free the same day the magazine ships out, who is still buying them? Even Penny Arcade has started making jokes about how useless gaming magazines can be. The problem is that sometimes these magazines can contain demos we want to play, so what then? The Official Xbox Magazine has an idea: they will simply offer the disc's content on Xbox Live, for 200 points. That's $2.50 in non-monopoly money. I find this...disturbing."

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Dlacy13g3920d ago

Basically they are now offering up the issue of OXM online via LIVE. So you can buy it via LIVE or you can buy the issue in paper. Either way, both issues will have the contents that come on the disc you currently get with the magazine. 200 pts for a mag that is normally $8 off the rack? I wont complain.

And before anyone says it...OXM is NOT a division of microsoft. It is published by Future US, Inc. based out of California. Nothing to do with MS....

Based on that...the demos we get on live from MS will continue to come to us free. If you buy the mag can get whatever demos and video's they had on the disc but are buying the electronic version of the mag and not buying a demo, etc...

I wish people who write this drivel would learn to research things before they write, etc...

dantesparda3920d ago

You know, i would have to agree with you, good point sir, now good day. LOL!

ben hates you3920d ago

for stopping a potential flame war

ShiftyLookingCow3920d ago

scare mongering in my opinion, the demos that were timed exclusive included in the magazine is now offered for downloading, nothing has really changed

daveman33920d ago

money hungry? isnt paying for the damn magazine enough

MoonDust3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

OXM will be online. You will pay for the magazine NOT the demos.
You will also get the demos it comes with it. Not paying for the demos, It's for the magazine.

Just like the FEAR Demo. It came out on the magazine earlier but then it was out in the marketplace for free.

Don't get it twisted.

DiLeCtioN3920d ago

i was getting sweaty for a sec...gonna get a 360 soon just need a bit more money

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The story is too old to be commented.