MGS4: Guns of the Patriots In-Depth Interview

Ryan Payton talks about the Sixaxis controls, OctoCamo, Solid Eye, and the various warring soldiers you'll come across during the game.

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Getembanks3950d ago

1st!!!! this game gunna kick game ever

Phantom_Lee3950d ago

$5 say Snake will die...any taker?

Vojkan3950d ago

I agree, i think this is it when it comes to Solid Snake. There will be other Meta Gear game, but no more Metal Gear SOLID. Maybe Metal Gear Raiden? Just looking at how Kojima is trying to push and make Raiden cool, i am not going to be surprised if that happeneds.

JCITY3950d ago

glad it's only for ps3...i mean it would be ok but they would dummy down the version for it to be fair.....sorry xbots

Gunner_Ali3950d ago

my most anticipated PS3 game!

darkvenom3950d ago

forward to finally playing this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.