This Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade

This Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade we are treated to two new games.

First up is, Marathon: Durandal, a First Person Shooter from the makers of Halo, here are the details.

Marathon: Durandal

Seventeen years ago, you survived a vicious Pfhor assault on the U.E.S.C. Marathon. Now you have been awakened by the enigmatic, sentient A.I. called Durandal and sent to an alien world to uncover the mysteries of their advanced technology. In Marathon: Durandal, armed with only a pistol, you are humanity's last champion!


This FPS is not new as it was previously released on a different format, sorry for the typo.

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Rhezin3982d ago

holy shazbot MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iceice1233982d ago

Was tempted to get worms but meh. This is easily worth the buy, though.

benfinkel3982d ago

Yes, Marathon. A "new" first person shooter. :)

Nice reporting N4G.

BIadestarX3982d ago

If microsoft is able to bring Monopoly into xbox live... I think we would be all covered when it comes to board games.

PS360WII3982d ago

Very cool. Bungie in the early years! Should deffinatly be worthwhile ^^

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