Heavenly Sword General Fox Boss Battle 3

Here is the third part of the fight against this boss.

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timmyp534035d ago

only trailers and teasers for me =)

nasim4035d ago

day 1 purchase for me.

BTW compare these 2 games with MS cartoon HALO 3 crap


Ju4035d ago

I kind a agree with you on HS & Lair, but I don't think H3 is that bad either. I'd like to have a nice space/SF shooter on the PS3 as well. The closest will UT3, the rest is still SF/Horror (which is kinda OK, but I'd like to see a more SF centric game for the PS3 as well).
I won't buy a 360 to play H3, though. I think the coming PS3 games will keep me busy anyway.
And yes, what people often ignore in the PS3 titles, is the number of interactive objects in the games. Gfx alone ain't it, but also the environments or little objects flying around and behave physically correct. In HS you run into something and it bounces off, be it a table, a chair or whatever is laying around...

tehcellownu4035d ago

im not tryin hard not to watch anythin but i cant help more video please!!

Bolts4035d ago

This game is starting to grow on me. Looks like I'll be buying after all. But they need to fix that floating body bug before release, with all the dead bodies laying around I bet the physics can get really weird.

aiphanes4034d ago

That is what i have heard.

We will just have to see...but i am getting this game no matter what..To me this is better than God of War II!

Just think of what God of War III is going to be like when it comes out? And Heavenly Sword II!!!