NowGamer Review: Sony 3D Collection

NowGamer gets its 3D specs on and reviews the first batch of 3D enabled PS3 games - Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD and Pain.

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Venatus-Deus2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

It would be interesting to know what they scored theses games originally before reviewing this 3D add-on.

It would also have been nice for them to have listed the games separately so I could know which would be the best to try in 3D if I didn’t want to get them all.


Motorstorm PR: 9.3
Wipout: 8.4
Pain: 7.1
Wipeout: 7.4

DA_SHREDDER2851d ago

Im getting a 83 inch 3-D ready DLP tv from renta center just so I can play games in 3-D. Just keep the games coming Sony. Luv ya!

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