BioWare 'hasn't even discussed' Old Republic on console

BioWare hasn't "even discussed" bringing Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic to consoles, says lead designer and storywriter, Daniel Erickson.

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8800gtx2822d ago

Hard to do MMOs on an unflexible platform.


Christopher2822d ago

I think the biggest barrier is that there isn't that large of an audience of traditional MMO players who are willing to pay $10-15 a month on the consoles. I mean, yeah, there are MMO gamers on the consoles, but their MMO time is typically spent at the PC with all the other MMOs.

Just look at the responses people here have had to the subscription plans for FFXIV and DCO.

MisterNiwa2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Hm, it sure is sad to be a PC-only Gamer.

Kurylo3d2822d ago

only sad for console owners.

evrfighter2822d ago

If I was was a console only gamer...I'd be in a depression

catguykyou2822d ago

Part of what makes MMo's popular on the pc is the ability to use mods, the flexibility of communication, and robust tools made available all from the same machine.

In wow, there are guilds what won't even let you run stuff with them unless you meet the requirements for specific mods installed. That way everyone is on the same page in the fight. Also, with the constant massive updates, consoles would have a difficult time keeping up. 360 has no guarantee of a large size hard drive and has to go through an approval process to issue patches with MS. This wouldn't work for MMOs. Not entirely sure about Sony's policies but just looking at hardware limitations, both the 360 and PS3 wouldn't have enough ram. MMO's are huge number crunchers, keeping track of huge amounts of data going on at any given time. A lot of reworking would have to be done on current MMOs to get them to work properly on consoles today. OR they would have to be designed fromt he ground up to support consoles.

Bioware is more concerned with getting the game working and making it fun. They can't afford to spend time worrying about making the game multiplatform. Not if they want to compete against WOW.

NYC_Gamer2822d ago

alot of us console owners would buy.....

Xfanboy2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

This game is massive!! They should keep it that way!!

Darkfiber2822d ago

Good, the way it should be. MMOs are about the only thing consoles can't steal. Strategy games, too, but they've tried that more, even though they still fail.

NYC_Gamer2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

steal what?the game would be on pc aswell

T9X692822d ago

There's a few strategy games on consoles that are pretty good and very fun to play, might not be as quick and snappy like on PC but that doesn't mean they "failed". Also there's a few MMO games coming to PS3...

tommyth3cat2822d ago

I do enjoy a quick round of Civilization Revolution from time to time. That, while a just a shell compared to PC CIV, is still a proper way to bring strategy to a console.

Lou-Cipher2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

If the PS3 would add keyboard and Mouse support to these games, then it wouldn't really be a big problem.

RTS games deserve to played with K & M, and there is no reason Sony cant have that on their games.

I definetly cant see people paying $50 for Live then being asked for an extra monthly fee for an MMO.

HarryM2822d ago

You don't know a lot about gaming on a console, do you?

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BeaArthur2822d ago

I'd be intrigued but the monthly subscription would ultimately turn me off.

evrfighter2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It's not stopping ps3 users from paying for a service that's pretty much just steam...

Except steam's discounts are untouchable and you don't have to pay for them.

Borderlands for $10
L4d2 $10
Bioshock 2 $15
Street Fighter 4 $10
Re5 $10

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