Heavenly Sword General Fox Boss Battle 1

This video is a great demo of a boss battle in HS.

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timmyp533735d ago

im waiting to september =)
Only trailers and teasers for me.

Kyur4ThePain3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

It's not a boss battle. Just general battle against enemy pawns.
The only possible spoiler is that you might learn something about what happened to Nariko's father, though I doubt what is said is true.

Does anyone else find themselves just sitting listening to the game menu music? It's beautiful.
I can't wait to get into the story...the world, music, characters.

Maddens Raiders3735d ago

meaning I don't want to know about anything pertaining to the (movie, game, play, book, w/e) until my hands and eyes are on it WHEN IT COMES TO BIG TITLES. Just like I didn't want to see anything about the Transformers and was glad I didn't see many big previews.

Here's me: It's almost like I dread playing the KZII beta (if I was so lucky) because I wouldn't want to know what to expect until it was really all mine and ready to go...does that make sense? =]

DiLeCtioN3735d ago

you shall watch shall watch this..heavenly sword spoiler. I timmy will watch it.

PlayStation3603735d ago

now I am going to respect timmyp53's wishes, and not say much. Except, I'm glad I pre-ordered HS. :P

Marceles3735d ago

hey you spoiled it :P, j/k...i can't wait until September

SIX3735d ago

Haha... Just kidding. I'm the same way but I'll probably cave in later tonight. This game is too far away.

Scythesean3735d ago

Doesn't this boss sound and look a lot like the Marnarc villian from the Venture Bros.? Look at this video and see what I mean it's only 38 seconds.

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