Playstation 3 80GB now PreOrder at EbGames

EbGames taking 80gig PS3 PreOrder now.

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deepujatt20053887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

ahhh the price will go back to $599 that sucks.
why don't sony just keep the 60gig for $499.....

i know sony lose more money on $499 but at least more people buys it..

WaggleLOL3887d ago

The 80 gig will drop down to 499 when the 60 gig models have sold out.

heroman7113887d ago

Sonys not that dumb to keep something at 600. Maybe just maybe we will se e it at winter time. All the 60 gig ps3s wont get sold out till like christmas because remmember ps3 dosent have the biggest selection of games but it will by the time of christmas so maybe they will cut the price of the 80 gig

Double-Edged3887d ago

i'll wait for the next clearance.

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The story is too old to be commented.