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Playstation 3 80GB now PreOrder at EbGames

EbGames taking 80gig PS3 PreOrder now. (PS3)
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Credit url: ebgames.com
deepujatt2005  +   2834d ago
ahhh the price will go back to $599 that sucks.
why don't sony just keep the 60gig for $499.....

i know sony lose more money on $499 but at least more people buys it..
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WaggleLOL  +   2834d ago
The 80 gig will drop down to 499 when the 60 gig models have sold out.
dontbefoo  +   2834d ago
i buy this.
heroman711  +   2834d ago
Sonys not that dumb to keep something at 600. Maybe just maybe we will se e it at winter time. All the 60 gig ps3s wont get sold out till like christmas because remmember ps3 dosent have the biggest selection of games but it will by the time of christmas so maybe they will cut the price of the 80 gig
deepujatt2005  +   2834d ago
maybe but u never know..
Double-Edged  +   2834d ago
i'll wait for the next clearance.
SmokeyMcBear  +   2834d ago
remember kids, the 60 gb is still here at 500, the 80 GB BUNDLE is being released at 600. When the 60 gb runs out, and the 80 GB is going to be sold STANDALONE and NOT IN A BUNDLE.. do you actually think they are going to keep the same price point of 600???? Its ok to use your brains kids, it won't hurt.
Double-Edged  +   2834d ago
i'll wait for the next clearance.
lVlemphizStylez  +   2834d ago
you must first and foremost have a brain , before you can employ the use of it...
SimmoUK  +   2834d ago
I was surprised at Amazon...
PS3 is second with the Wii at number 1, but 360 has now dropped to 28th place with the elite coming in at number 29 it's never been anywhere near that low before...
the_round_peg  +   2834d ago
Everyone is holding back for the inevitable price drop
That's why it's a bad idea to announce or let people know about a price drop before it happens.
MoonDust  +   2834d ago
Why would anyone get a 360 now
when the price drop is coming?
Whoooop  +   2834d ago
@ ktchong and MoonDust
People are waiting for a price drop, but I don't think THAT MANY people are waiting.

Most of the people that wanted a less expensive hardcore next gen console or wanted the 360, already bought it.

Only a few are waiting for this pricedrop.

The only thing that will make sales go drastically up is that Wii and PS3 owners jump in, because most of the Xbox, Halo and 360 fans already have the 360 at home.
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MoonDust  +   2834d ago
Because that's the only way you could know that or say that without looking foolish.
Whoooop  +   2834d ago
No Moondust
Is just common sense..

I'm not saying people aren't waiting or that there isn't a single person out there without the 360 if they wanted it from the beginning.

I'm just saying that MOST of the people that wanted to buy a Hardcore next gen console from the beginning of this generation that didn't want to spend $600 on it, got the 360.

Now if they didn't want to spend 400 either they went for the Wii, so is fair to say that whoever REALLY wanted a 360 or a LESS EXPENSIVE hardcore console, went for the 360 period.

The other amount of people went for the Wii (casual gamers and not enough hardcore gamers) or for the PS3 (PS loyal fans like me).

360 will keep selling, but it will never sell like when the hype was enormous. This holiday will sell good with halo, mass effect etc. , but IMO it ain't going to be a mayhem like it was when GOW got released.

EDIT @ below

Exactly.. You can say that almost all of the REALLY HARDCORE PS FANS bought the PS3 already, but is a little different when the console is at $600 with no console seller game yet.. So a good amount of PS fans out there are still waiting.

But yeah, REALLY hardcore PS fans already bought it despite the lack of games. HELL my PS3 was sitting here in my room for about 2 months after finishing RFOM, then I decided to buy motorstorm.

My point is PS fans had and are still having many reasons for not buying the PS3, but XBOX and 360 fans really had none, until the failure chaos. By that time most of ya'll had it.
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MoonDust  +   2834d ago
We will see this holiday.
There is not point in trying to guess what will happen. That's like me saying, all the PS Hardcore fans bought a PS3 @ $600.
Good argument, respect.
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chasegamez  +   2834d ago
i have 200gb hd in mind
i dont need it 80
Premonition  +   2834d ago
I really home so
I hope its true they do drop the price when the 60 gig sells out, cause I know sony is seeing those numbers going up in sales and they like it, or who knows they might decide to keep both SKU, only the future will tell.
Anything but Cute  +   2834d ago
Yeah don't worry about the 80GB bubdle right now.
It will drop to $499 and loose Motorstorm.

If I send in my XBOX 360 for repair will it be free since the warrently is extended? I don't have any papers or anything.

I wouldn't mind Halo 3, Bioshock and maybe Mass Effect but Mass Effect looks kinda slow and boring. Who knows.

But I'm not spending another cent on XBOX 360 hardware, I already bought the console, it's not my fault it broke.
Trick Nolte  +   2834d ago
Doesnt the 80gb have the chip that has backward capabilitity removed? IMO Sony should have waited until AFTER the Holiday Season to bring the 80gb SKU. The PS3 is selling pretty good @ $499 especially compared to when it was $600.

This could really hurt Sony. I mean lil Johnny may want a PS3 for xmas with 1 or two games but mama has two other tykes who want some toys of their own. I think mama will see the Wii(if she can find it) at $249.00, Xbox360 at $350.00-$400.00 and the PS3 at $599.00(AGAIN). Knowing it was just $499.00 a few months back I'm not sure how well johnnies chances are of getting a PS3.

Sony had something good with a 499.00 price point for the PS3. People held out til the price dropped to buy a PS3 and when it did, systems started moving like never befeore!! SONY people were'nt holding out until you introduced a sku with a larger hard drive. It was a drop in price!!!! Its what i have been waiting in order to buy one.

SONY!!! You got it right and your about to break it again. Good Luck in the Holiday Race
Anything but Cute  +   2834d ago
The $499 is still out there
The $599 is just a bundle. So atleast get the facts straight.
TheMART  +   2834d ago
So we're back @ 599 Dollar again? Nice

@ Those below

You can say whatever you want. THey can give many goodies. But if the 60 GB are sold out and the 80 GB for 600 dollar is left again, this is the choice:

349 Dollar/Euro 360 that has same or better games
599 Dollar/Euro PS3 that has the same or less games

Dum dum dum dum... dum dum dum...
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Anything but Cute  +   2834d ago
retard # 2
the $499 is still out there, the $599 is a bundle.
Chava  +   2834d ago
you are suggesting that the 600$ price tag is "nice"
i know it's sarcasm but let's face it, u get an extra game + a decent hard drive and built-in wifi
Trick Nolte  +   2834d ago
Yeah. I know rite? I dunno y SONY is fixin what isnt broken, especially with the holiday season approaching.
SmokeyMcBear  +   2834d ago
and to quote South Park... Mart-- Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum... Sony- Smart Smart Smart Smart ( mormon episode ). The 499 sku is still alive and kicking, selling lot hotcakes. Sony brought in a sku with a larger hard drive, and an extra game with all the bells and whistles as the previous sku, and did not change the price? Kinda different from M$ charging that extra 80 bucks now isnt it. Don't worry MART, you can sell me some of that nice Amsterdam doja to help you save money to buy the PS3, we all know you want one.. its your jealousy that gives it away.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2834d ago
better games?
What better games...Gears too short..dead rising...noth that fun same goes for lost planet..anything else that isnt multi platform......Oh yeah most of your games are comming to pc so plz tell me a reason to get one...
Trick Nolte  +   2834d ago
The fact is I went out to try to buy one this weekend and everywhere I went was sold out man. I dont shop online so thats not an option for me. Calm down factboy.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2834d ago
the old 60 gig is more value than this
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2834d ago
double trouble
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Double-Edged  +   2834d ago
Whoooop  +   2834d ago
I'm pretty confindent
that SONY will drop the price of the 80gb to $500 as soon as the 60gb vanishes.

If they keep it at $600 even if it's a bundle it will hurt them again.

People like bundles, is a nice way to look at it when they are trying to rape you. We know they are raping us, but with a little vaseline, you understand?

IMO most of the people prefer the console alone even with only one controller if it's cheaper. I for one prefer it that way even if the bundle is at a great value for what's in it.

I think that if the bundle appeals to you and if you really like the games in it, it's a good choice. Now for me?? give me the cheap one and I'll decide what games to buy and what addons to get...
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Trick Nolte  +   2834d ago
WaggleLOL  +   2834d ago
PS1 BC is exactly the same since it is software based.

PS2 BC should be just like Euro PS3s that have the EE software emulated. People say that right now 85-90 percent of PS2 games work flawlessly. There is a Sony site that lets you type in games and it will tell you its current BC status. Each firmware update Sony has been quickly updating games that have problems.
nasim  +   2834d ago
80 gig is fully BC

you have 65nm CELL

you have EE removed

ao your ps3 doesnt produce heat at all
Trick Nolte  +   2834d ago
Thanks WaggleLOL and nasim
that cleared things up for me.
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2834d ago
I don't like this, I didn't like it when they first announced it.
I hope the average person doesn't go to the store or online and think that PS3 costs $599. Because the $499 60GB is a better deal and is still out there. Hope this doesn't mess with the sales of the 60GB.
schabeugen04  +   2834d ago
Sony god this is a retarded remove. No matter how good a value the 80gb pack is if you cant afford it , then you cant afford it plain and simple.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2833d ago
the obvious ideal is to get rid of the 60gig
let's say there was the 60gig and the 80gig out on the market at the same time.both are $499.but one has emulation for ps2 and one has hardware for ps2.which do you think gamers would buy?

being that the 60gig plays 99% ps1/99% ps2,and the 80gig plays 99% ps1 and 90% ps2,chances are gamers and new buyers would buy the 60gig.right?because it plays ps1/ps2/ps3 better with the 80gig right now.

that is the thing sony had to figure out.how to get buyers to buy all the 60gigs before introducing a new $499 model ps3.intelligent people can see this. fanboys cannot.

secondly,why introduce a new model at the same price and confuse buyers on what to get?sony's not stupid.fanboys are.the bundle keeps you from buying the 80 gig right off until all 60gigs are off retail shelves.

very smart sony.very smart.because it's not any different than what microsoft is doing.they want all versions of the 360 sold before introducing the supposedly "better" falcon system.good luck to them.
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Blabbermouth  +   2833d ago
did anyone notice
If you enlarge the picture of the 80gb packaging, the picture of the controller actually has a red ps button. So that pic we saw a few months ago wasn't a photoshoped screen.
kingjkv  +   2833d ago
Sony has more things behind their slick sleeves. Just wait and see. I'm juts waiting for the Leizig convention where a few things will be announced and the TGS on September. They're not asking people to buy the 600$ PS3 they know it's a lot, but they have no choice so they'll wait a little longer and drop the price to i believe $399 of the 80Gig on November. Das a 200$ price cut, and i believe that'ts what they have in minds.

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