Dragon Quest IV, V, VI Remakes Announced For DS

Square-Enix has confirmed that remakes of Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI will be heading to the Nintendo DS. Screenshots from DQIV are featured in the scan, which look to have an isometric feel to them, akin to Dragon Quest VII for the PSone.

Dragon Quest IV DS is slated for a Winter release in Japan. A release date for both DQV and DQVI has yet to be announced.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3916d ago

It's probably gonna be the top selling gaming machine this gen. Console or handheld.

ItsDubC3916d ago

OMG. Just when I thought I wouldn't have to buy any more SquEnix DS titles for a while other than FFIV, Front Mission and now DQ have been announced.

PS360WII3916d ago

lol man yea the DS is just getting hammered with Square Enix goodies! I don't think DS is going to slow down sales at all for a good while. 150k each week in each territory then in Japan 200k + per week once DQIX comes out

ItsDubC3916d ago

It's amazing how the DS has managed to keep its sales numbers that high. I think it's funny how this longevity can be attributed to the very same reason that the DS game library catches a lot of flak from "hardcore" gamers - mass appeal. Just this past weekend I was on a family trip w/ my parents and I let my mom play some Brain Age. She's in her 50s, and now wants a DS. This is why sales have been strong for so long. Plus with so many upcoming game releases, I think the DS is slowly becoming my console of choice.

djt233916d ago

thank you Square Enix games games
DQ i am wait for you
i cant wait