Editor Sees Gaming League as Symbol of Cultural Decline

From GamePolitics: "I must admit, I don't find competitive gaming leagues very exciting.

Neither does Eric Greene, an editor with the Battle Creek Enquirer. The difference is that Greene views the rise of video gaming as a sign of impending cultural slippage."

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Azures3947d ago

You can look at movies, television, and sports before you look at games having to do with cultural decline. While influential, our kind haven't near permeated the social fabric as those I mentioned.

MACHone3947d ago

Right. I'm sure ages ago some editor somewhere said the same thing about television and McDonald's. The end of the world is coming... but I doubt gaming will have anything to do with it....

kewlkat0073947d ago

No , I'm not insulted because I'm a gamer. I take criticism very well. I just like to understand where people are coming from, not just dismissed certain thoughts if, I do not approve. This is one guys POV of the way things are headed, especially a culture so in grained with television.

You can attack this guy because you are a gamer and is insulted.

Or you can take a look at what technology is doing to people, and our social skills.

As a whole Tv is great but were starting to loose, a lot of social skills. This guy probably means, he never would of thought a day would come, where we would have televised gaming competitions.

Yeah movies, sports and television itself, in some ways are already raising todays kids, while parents sometimes don't give a sh!t. The thing is, you have to remember most video gaming competitions are still about violence.(lots of shooting going on). While I do luv video games, I understand, these days, there is still a fine line between what you do in games and how kids perceive the real world.

Mainly people are spending too much time in the damn front of a screen, now we are watching people do the same exact thing. Hey I luv gaming but it's true.

Bastion3947d ago

I struggled in college, and it was because something was missing. In high school i was a devoted gamer, i'm even an ex fanboy, yes there are lot of retired fanboys after sega managed to screw themselves, anyways in college gaming was missing of come to that conclusion, it grounded me, gave me a reward for completing studies, or further more something to quickly finish my studies to do. With out it i got involved in a lot of other things more then i should have, and that ultimately led to my difficulties. Bottom line, for some gaming is great, and even integral to academic success, is such a dependency good? that's another post, but I'm currently a tools programmer for a undisclosed gaming studio (if i told i couldn't have fun being as liberal with my words) and im doing great. Gamer 4 life!

sovietsoldier3946d ago

looks like jack tompson has some ass pupets!