Rumor: Xbox 360 Core discontinued at Best Buy

For those hoping that the expected $50 Xbox 360 price cut would bring the Core model down to the Wii-diculously great price of $250, we got some bad news. According to a source at Best Buy who sent Joystiq these images, the Xbox 360 Core model is dead and remaining stocks are all that's left of the system.

The sheet, according to our source, shows the description of the Xbox 360 Core hardware and underneath it is the word "deleted, meaning it is being taken out of the system." The out of stock date reads 7-29-07 and the larger image (found after the break) shows the pref code "y." According to the source, "This means replenishment of this item is not expected."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

I hope this is true. Or not, I don't know. Seriously who's buying the core anyway?

The core is useless, it has no hardrive, with downloading becoming a large factor with the ever improving online services and all. I actually predict the core will be discountinued.

Fisher3393975d ago

however this could be bad as well. Developers still cant require a Hardrive becuase the core didn't come with one, and they can't leave them out, or you'll see a huge lawsuit. No cheaper version could be a bad move.

Vicar3975d ago

the only person who'd purchase a core is someone tight on cash cause seriously 100 bucks extra and the pro is so much better. I'm getting a Pro when this happens, finally my first 360! August T_T

lVlemphizStylez3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

this sucks...Because it was the Core that I was going to buy when they released the Falcon...I knew it was odd in that Flyer from Toys R Us it showcased the Premium getting the 50 dollar cut and not the core...This is bad news, I hope it's wrong, because that would mean the entry price to the xbox360 just went UP 50 dollars...from 300 to 350. People take note of that.

razer3975d ago

Finally, MS will have HDD's in every system and they can now be used by developers as such. The $50 cut is just a start. The Premium and Elite with see another $50 cut either right after Halo 3 launches or right after christmas. If they can bring the Premium in line with the Wii price then I would say that is going to move some systems.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Developers make games that require hard drive on XBOX 360 already. I knew this was gonna happen because everyone needs a hard drive. Not many people are buying a core anyway.

...By the way, who's the girl on your avatar?

Kyur4ThePain3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Will all core owners just magically have a HDD appear on their consoles, or will they be unable to play new games because they don't have a HDD?

razer3975d ago

You are correct Lightening they do have games that require the HDD but the dev's have to consider all the people who can't play the game and that's lost revenue. Now that problem will begin to fade with the elimnation of the core. This will motivate those core user's to get an HDD. I would hope that they aren't going to hold up the platform for the people who bought the Core. MS would rather them have HDD's anyway so they can use the download service more. Maybe they will drop the price of the 20gig HDD in order to soften the blow to current Core owners.

The pic is Jessica Alba...yummy! =)

SmokeyMcBear3975d ago

well at least it will let developers program a game with the hard drive available since all skus will now have a hard drive. Kinda shafting the core users though, how much for the 20GB hard drive, is there a smaller one?, can you buy used ones? Its a step forward.

lVlemphizStylez3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

used ones go for 80 bucks at EB/Gamestop....80 bucks USED for 20 gigs of HD...That should be a crime.... And MS are crafty, they made the HD in such a way that you MUST buy THEIR HD...You cannot simply go to Comp USA and pick up an HD and put it in (Because they certainly wouldn't charge you 80 bucks used for 20gigs of HD)

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