8 New Screens of Fatal Inertia

Koei has released eight new screenshots of Fatal Inerta, the futuristic hovercar racing game.

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InMyOpinion3975d ago

This game will feel old when it hits the stores.

DiLeCtioN3975d ago

they just kept silent..maybe they havent heard of Burnout Paradise,Warhawk,NFS Pro Street and Ace Combat.

Ares843975d ago

Looks nice....wonder how it plays! This game should have been released when the PS3 lounched!!

CrazzyMan3975d ago

so this game not become ps3 exclusive again? =))

MK_Red3975d ago

The game looks much better compared to old screens but the color choice and new theme is cold and oddm specially compared to previous colorfull and hot red colored theme.
I loved the Plane Crazy game and with Fatal Inertia looks to follow with same physics related weapons but huge delayes and occasional silence of devs, the game looks a bit risky. Still, good pics.

power of Green 3975d ago

Its suppose to have some sort of advanced physics gameplay that not done in racing we'll see(Robo Blitz like weapons and handling physics?).