Halo 3 marketing invades BK, 7-11, Pontiac, and more

Starting this August, Microsoft is going to try the start the fight that all Halo players must finish. Microsoft is going to kick off its new marketing campaign with promotions and special edition giveaways through Burger King, 7-11, Pontiac, and many more companies...even with Mountain Dew. Microsoft is spending millions into what Peter Moore has deemed a "billion dollar franchise."

Hopefully the hype that is created is surpassed by the intense quality of the game.

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tplarkin73980d ago

Sony and Nintendo will have a rough holiday. If MS as a price cut and markets the games, people will be buying 360s this holiday.

Dr Pepper3980d ago

I kinda feel like getting a Slurpee right now...

PS360PCROCKS3980d ago

Yum that does sound good lol! Their marketing works well!

PS360PCROCKS3980d ago

My god Microsoft. That is so much marketing, everyone and their mom will see Halo coming. The 360 is going to sell like crazy this Christmas. and this is AWESOME!!

"We are driving a concert sponsorship where Halo 3 is sponsoring the Projekt Revolution tour this summer, which includes bands Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance...The promotions team is creating 5 VIP events during the tour where lucky winners from local radio stations will get a chance to go back stage and play Halo 3 with the bands

I am ALREADY going to the concert so please pull me backstage to play with Chester, I would oh so enjoy it!

ASSASSYN 36o3980d ago

How many ps3 games have this kind of marketing...?

power of Green 3980d ago

You mean super popular games that reach outside the gaming world that have been popular sense the NES. Thats right you're boasting games you claim are good due to their popularity and they just happen to be popurlar before the PS brand was created.

The games you most charish were popular before anybody heard of PS and your top gun games were played by my friends an I on NES. lol You shouldn't confuse pedigree with a game being good.

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The story is too old to be commented.