Mass Effect: Saren screenshots and artworks

Microsoft and Bioware keep unveiling a bit more of Mass Effect as the weeks go by, and this time we get to see a bit more of one of the bad guys, if not the bad guy of the game: Saren.

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ParaDise_LosT3947d ago

Kill me before the game comes out...
They all looks awesome!!!!

X_GAMER_X3947d ago

How can I big game like mass effect be in a singel 9GB cd?
uptil 70 hours gameplay(if you want to complete the game 100%)
and with such a...amazing incredible graphic???

dos MS have som kinda secret for compressing files?

Dr Pepper3947d ago

It's Magic!

Actually the devs were concerned for some time that the game would require two DVDs. However they figured out a way to keep it on one. The only thing people should worry about is HOW they will find time to play this epic game!

ben hates you3947d ago

an interview with the creators of Mass Effect, and they said "you won't be able to finish every variable in the game", another neat thing is that Mass Effect is being made by about 300 people

nirwanda3947d ago

I beleave they use part of one of the cpu core to permanently compress and decompress data to the gpu and they do this for the sound as well that is already done on the cpu it's a shame they didn't put more cache on the cpu for this sort of stuff but they seem to do a good job with it anyway

razer3947d ago

It looks even better now!


MK_Red3947d ago

While Mass Effect looks and play really good, its the story and character design that has got me really interested and on top of all great NPCs and players, its Saren that has already stole my heart because has both requirements of any great character: 1.Superb stylish look and design. 2.Great story and enough depth. Add the amazing voice acting and we have another amazingly great character from BioWare in line with their unforgetable characters from Baldurs Gate to KOTOR.

power of Green 3947d ago

I think most will agree with that.

I like the customization and the story altering choice mechanics system(choice will change the story and AI behavior towards your charactor and others )

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The story is too old to be commented.