9.0 Demon's Souls: Black Phantom Edition Review "Demon's Souls brings to the table what few other games have in recent years. It's a very challenging experience, but there's also a degree of fairness in the challenge. If players die, it's usually their own fault and to succeed, they need to improve. The story perhaps isn't the best ever told, but the gameplay is very solid and there's so much depth within the levels. In its chosen domain, Demon's Souls is unrivalled."

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Hardedge2818d ago

I'll be getting this game :)

Selyah2818d ago

Absolutely enjoying playing this right now.

JDouglasGU2818d ago

demon's souls intrigued me in an odd way. I'm not really a fan of the genre but some of the online and difficulty stuff oddly made me want to play it.

The Slash2818d ago

The only thing putting me off this game is the amount of dying. I fear it might get frustrating.

mephman2817d ago

You;d think that, but it rarely ever gets to that point.

smithdown2817d ago

Dying is all part of the learning process. Half the satisfaction of this game is learning where enemies and traps are, and figuring out the most efficient way of defeating them without getting hurt. Each run through you'll get a bit further, until eventually you get through the level in one life. Then you'll reach the boss and... die some more...

Plus there are shortcuts in most of the levels you can open up to save you running all thr way through them every time.

Alternatively you can cheat and exit the game as soon as you die - when you restart the game you'll be at the last place it saved in the level. However there have been reports of this screwing up people's game saves and even crashing their PS3's. Plus, it's not really in the spirit of the game.