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"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #14, Nick covers all of the announcements from the big three companies at E3 as well as provides his impressions on what they had to show. Nick provides his impressions on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Onslaught DLC as well as the game streaming service, OnLive. Nick also talks about Sony's premium service, PlayStaton Plus and whether or not it will become a success. Lastly, Nick closes it out with what really grinds his gears as well as a Medal of Honor Beta code giveaway."

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Nick2120042721d ago

I feel PlayStation Plus is well worth the money to anyone who is interested in the content offered via the PlayStation Store.

Danja2721d ago

it has alot of potential and it well worth it , people are maybe just expecting way too much too fast

WildArmed2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I'm very glad with PSN+.

I've never been one for buying many PSN games.. due to the insane amount it ends up costing.

So, this is a great service for gamers like me.

Games like Wipeout HD alone make it worth my while.

20$ worth of content on my FIRST MONTH in my 15 month plan that cost 50 bucks..

lol... there is no down side for me.

But I understand that people who buy PSN games often would really see no incentive to get PSN+.

But it's a win-win for me

ClownBelt2721d ago

"But I understand that people who buy PSN games often would really see no incentive to get PSN+."

Huh? They can get discounts. It all adds up if you buy a lot of DLC and PSN games on top of the free stuff you get.

WildArmed2721d ago

But people who own WipeoutHD and other old games, there would be no point in getting PSN+ as they already own all the games.

Discounts isn't really a reason to buy PSN+ if u own most of the PSN library (I know quite a few who own alot of PSN games and are mad that they are getting the same games that they paid for already via PSN+)

Personally, I LOVE it.
I've bought like 4~6 PSN games... so not many. It'd be great to get 2-4 new games a month :D

blipboy742721d ago

I think it has potential to be worth it in the future, but whats offered now is weak.

gamingisnotacrime2721d ago

but taking the 12 months plus 3 promotion (15 months in total) is well worth it. I have no doubt that buy the time the 15 month subscription is over i will have enjoyed more content than spending the same amount of money over the same period of time buying individual items

killajd2721d ago

I hope that this doesn't turn out to be another qore. Qore in my mind failed miserably. While PSN+ in my mind is a great idea but they need to keep doing what they say they will do. I dont want to have psn+ 6 months down the line stop doing what its doing now. SONY do not go back on ur word!!!

aviator1892721d ago

I think that the majority of PS3 owners are just looking to play on-line with their friends and other people and that feature is already offered for free (which is awesome!). PS Plus might attract a core few who want the nice extra features and free games, however I think that the majority of the PS3 owners will simply not give in to this service.

4221852721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Didn't playstation plus just come out 3 or 4 days ago? Give it some time.

Philaroni2721d ago

Your very much right, people are going way overboard on it. They expect if you don't have the ability to down load Jesus day one its not worth it.

Nick2120042721d ago

This isn't another one of those stupid negative PlayStation Plus articles. This is a show where Nick expresses what he feels Sony needs to do in order to make the service successful.

mastiffchild2721d ago

Yeah, imagine if they'd introduced a service that made you pay again JUST to play online on top of your existing internet fees? Whoa! There'd be HELL to pay if anyone was THAT cheeky rather than operating an entirely optional thing which amounts to more of a rental or discount club.

But what am I thinking nobody would be THAT naughty.

Seriously, it has shocked me the amount of bad press this has gotten. I'm actually not yet interested in it myself so won't bite until something that I really want or would have spent more on anyway(don't play that many PSN games to begin with, already own LBP and Wipeout and have a backlog of disc based games anyhow so it's not really worth it for us)but I still don't think it's somehow out of order OR doomed to fail(loads of my mates list have already signed up to be honest)and if this is a bit rich for some writer's tastes just why haven't they been hammering away at Gold subs the past five or six years? Sony haven't exactly grabbed us by the balls with this like MS did with Live subs now have they? you don't pay for gold you don't play online-Sony have said and done NOTHING like that yet the bad press keeps on coming. It's a bit puzzling, tbh.

BTW, not knocking Live as a service, I paid for it for long enough(God knows!) but I've always felt the basic right to play your mates online should be free after you pay for your broadband and pay for your game on console or PC. In that respect I fail to grasp why Sony are the ones getting stick over this. Then again I dislike XGC as a feature(for the normal reasons)and by some accounts you'd think that alone was worth any amount of cash via subscription.

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