Australia's top-selling games for first half of 2007 revealed

World of Warcraft's first expansion pack was the best-selling (by units sold) game in Australia between January 1, 2007, and June 30, 2007. The popularity of the Burning Crusade also helped spur sales of the original game, with World of Warcraft coming in at fifth position in the overall sales lists.Sony had a strong showing in the overall top 10, with five titles being either for the PlayStation 2 or the PlayStation 3.

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Crazyglues3768d ago

Why in the world if you are the maker of World of Warcraft, have you not brought the game to the console market, or not even working on that, with Xbox 360 playing with computers and PS3 also able to handle huge worlds with multi-people on the screen at the same time.

Why oh why for the love of god has this not made it's way to the consoles. I think it would sell huge. This title is like a no brainier but for some reason it's not even an after thought of the company. I mean there are no plans what's so ever. That's just crazy

boi3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

well some games are best to leave it where they are

for example counterstrike always best on pc's same with any other pc only games...i prefer WoW to stay on the PC, why bother with the consoles at all...since you have a pc!

plus I don't think console gamers would buy into WoW since with the monthly subscription ect...they properly would rather play Halo 3 online or Warhawk online for free

XxZxX3768d ago

what resistance and motorstorm outsold gear of wars.. wow

xaphanze3768d ago

Resistance and Motorstorm outsold any other Wii game.I´m impressed ;D.

Farsendor13768d ago

wow just seems to keep growing thats so awesome. will keep blizzard working on the game. wow still needs some more work even after all this time.

guild bank
voice chat
larger friend list current is set at 25
should be able to use flying mounts in azeroth cant ever spell that lol
but my main point is get a new expansion keep working on new patches and they will sell even more.

been playing wow for 8 months almost non stop :)

tewsfraba3768d ago

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