Red Vs. Blue Returns

Gaming Today reports on the press release announcing the return of the machinima classic "Red Vs. Blue". The Rooster Teeth team will be bringing back the series to help promote the launch of Halo 3.

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crazyman3826d ago

This is realy great, I was realy worried when they said they were cancelling it, but now Im happy again

astrobrights3826d ago

i was slightly worried, but always had the feeling they wouldn't just stop. Halo 3 should give them plenty of new material to work with.

360Sheep3826d ago

gotta admit, that's come pretty funny stuff

Odion3826d ago

they added a command in Halo 3 to lower your weapon just for these guys

TLSBill3826d ago

So they added someting special in the code, just for this, and then they said they weren't going to do it anymore? Kinda cold if you ask me...

These new videos are available at "retailers", so it sounds like you're going to have to pay to get your RvB fix this time.

astrobrights3826d ago

there is no mention of paying for the RvB fix. I have a feeling these videos will simply be hosted on these corporate websites as a way to attract shoppers.

omansteveo3826d ago

I thought they added that in Halo 2 if you press down on the d-pad

Lyberator3826d ago

They didn't say they weren't doing it anymore they just said it was the end of the blood gulch chronicle's.

TLSBill3826d ago

Thx for the info guys.

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